4 Reasons to take Engagement Pictures

Are you undecided on whether or not an engagement session is worth the time and effort? Are you unsure of the benefits of an engagement session? Have you not even thought about what you might do with your engagement pictures. Here are my top 4 reasons to take engagement pictures

  1. When was the last time you took professional pictures? Maybe it was when you were a senior in high school? It could be as far back as a family session when you were a kid. Chances are its been awhile since you were photographed professionally. Getting back in front of a camera before your wedding day is important. You want to feel comfortable being photographed. So many couples start their engagement session saying they aren’t photogenic or they feel awkward getting their picture taken. By the end of the session, they are laughing, having fun and have totally forgotten that awkward feeling. You don’t want to feel that way the day of your wedding, get all that out of the way so your pictures at your wedding are natural and fun!
  2. You want to get comfortable with the person who will be with you the majority of your wedding day. Getting comfortable with your soon to be wedding photographer is a great reason to take engagement pictures. Whether you’ve already picked your photographer and just want to get pictures done with them or you’re doing a trial run before booking someone. Doing an engagement session with your photographer is important. You get to know their personality more and they get to know both of you as a couple. You’ll get a chance to learn their shooting style and all surprises or adjustments are done long before your wedding day. They might have certain sayings or cues that you’ll pick up on and will making working with them on your wedding day that much easier.
  3. Are you stuck on how to use your engagement pictures? You might be doing an engagement session long before your wedding and therefore can use pictures for Save the dates. Maybe you’ve already designed your cards and want to come up with other creative ways to use pictures. There are several ways to incorporate engagement photos. Maybe you’re friends and family needs decorations for your shower. If you are having trouble decided on table number displays adding a picture on each table is always a cute idea. Are you still figuring out what to do for a guest book? Using one big photo that everyone can sign and you can hang later is popular. Making your pictures into a photo book that everyone can sign is far more interesting than blank pages. The possibilities are endless.
  4. Make your engagement session into a date night. Pick a fun location or a place you never get to travel. Get dressed up for your session, most couples go to extra lengths to look their best for engagement pictures. Why not have a fun night afterward. You already look great and hopefully, after your fun photo session, you feel great as well. Take that time to find a great dinner place and go on a date. If you’re going to get all dolled up might as well take advantage of it right?


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