I’m all about family. My household is chaos
and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am the proud mama of five rambunctious boys. My son Fitzgerald, my two cats Leroy and Ralph, and my two dogs Rhett and Montgomery. We also finally added a girl to our pack, my daughter Siena


My husband is my rock and keeps me
grounded. We love travelling together and now with our kids. The National Parks of the US are our favorite places to explore, we’re trying to see them all…were about halfway to that goal.


Rescue photography is a huge passion of mine. I want all the pets out their to find their right home and if I can help do that with the right photo then by all means bring me all the dogs to photograph (cats too) 🙂


  • My favorite drink is Coke, please don’t tell me Pepsi tastes the same 😛
  • My favorite TV show is Friends all day everyday, I’ve been known to quote an episode or two or 200! I’m also a big Gilmore Girls fan
  • I love to garden!  I enjoy both my flower and veggie gardens. It’s fun and therapeutic to me. Lilies and hibiscus are my favorite flowers to plant outside. Also if I could keep them alive, I’d have so many orchids!
  • I’m a firm believer that fur babies are family members, not just family pets.
  • I love the outdoors. I’d rather be hiking, exploring or kayaking than spending time in the cities, although most days I’d prefer to be at home getting family snuggles.

This is the face and name behind K Schulz Photography.
If you are hoping to learn more about me always feel free to ask.

I love capturing people and their fur babies. I also truly enjoy photographing all the love and excitement at weddings. When I get a wedding that combines the two, I am overjoyed.

My life and my family

I was born and raised in Northern Illinois. I am currently living in Bloomington Minnesota. I love being outdoors. My husband and I have been exploring the National Parks of the United States. It has become a life goal to visit them all and we have been to 28 different parks so far.  Feel free to ask me about my favorites! I’m always happy to give suggestions on best ones to visit! I’ve volunteered for several local shelters and rescues throughout my moves. Currently I volunteer most of my time with a cat shelter and dog rescue. I couldn’t imagine not volunteering now. I get weekly snuggle time with the wonderful animals. Since volunteering my little family has expanded. We now have two cats and two dogs and two human kids to our not so little family. 

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