Meet Kelly Loeffler

About the Photographer behind K Schulz Photography

 About the photographer. K Schulz Photography Headshot

This is the face and name behind K Schulz Photography. If you are hoping to learn more about me always feel free to ask.

I love capturing people and their fur babies. I also truly enjoy photographing all the love and excitement at weddings. When I get a wedding that combines the two I am overjoyed.

My life and my family

I was born and raised in Northern Illinois. Currently living in Bloomington Minnesota. I love being outdoors. My husband and I have been exploring the National Parks of the United States. It has become a life goal to visit them all and we have been to 28 different parks so far.  Feel free to ask me about my favorites! I volunteer for several local shelters and rescues, since I seriously love animals! I get weekly snuggle time with the wonderful animals there.  Since volunteering my little family has expanded. We now have two cats and two dogs in our not so little family. We also just added a new bundle of joy of the 2 legged variety.

I would not be where I am today without the loving support of my husband, Chris. We were married in 2014. I don’t know what I would do without him.  He is my partner in crime and my adventure partner. Seeing others who are so in love is a highlight of my job.

About the photographer. Kelly and Chris Loeffler on their wedding day

Random facts

-I am known to stream hours of Netflix. Gilmore girls and Friends are my go to TV series. I have seen them so many times they are basically ingrained in my brain. Do you have a favorite TV show you watch over and over?

-Coke is my drink of chose I’ve never been much of a coffee drinker or even other pop. If I am not drinking water chances are I am drinking a coke.

-Any day can get better with snuggles, I mean who doesn’t love snuggles? I have 5 wonderful boys, 4 of which are fur babies and I have to take snuggle breaks on the daily

-Pets are family too. If someone thinks your crazy for having a dog instagram or a birthday party for your fur baby, let them think that. I can assure you there’s a lot of us “crazies” out there and we are in good company! Oh and Feel free to follow my boys Instagram 🙂

Now that you know a little bit more about me I’d love to know more about you. Please feel free to contact me here or send an email to info@kschulzphotography.com.  I look forward to talking with you soon about your photography needs!