Adoptable puppies: The Chocolate Litter

Chocolate never looked so delicious. The black and brown adoptable puppies are just the cutest!

I’m more of a vanilla fan myself but this litter of puppies all named after different chocolates has me wanting all the chocolate!

Adoptable puppies from left to right: Dove, Toblerone, Andes, Godiva, Lindor, Nestle, Ghirardelli, Mars, Cadbury, Hershey

These sweet babies are available for adoption through Warrior Dog Rescue. They are seven weeks old now and will be ready for their forever homes when they are eight weeks old.

Are you looking to adopt a puppy to add to your household. WDR is swimming in puppies right now! As with most rescue puppies we aren’t 100% sure on breed. All I know is their momma is as sweet as can be. She’s been raising 10 babies and not complaining. Raising one baby for me is taxing enough can you imagine ten at the same time, I certainly can’t!

If these chocolate babies don’t make you melt I don’t know what will. So the real question is how many chocolates do you want?!? And the great news is there are five girls and 5 boys so you have your pick!

I’m proud to be a rescue photographer and do photography for Warrior Dog Rescue. Do you know a local rescue in need of photography, Im always happy to lend a hand if so. Do you already have your loving fur baby at home and want to capture those memories. Contact Kelly at K Schulz Photography today to book your session

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11 thoughts on “Adoptable puppies: The Chocolate Litter”

  1. Kristen Gregor

    OMGGGG This is exactly what I needed in my life right now. They are so precious!!

  2. Aaaaawwwww so crazy darn adorable

  3. Lara Leinen

    I just can’t! So cute! Thank you for posting!

  4. Bozena

    Those little cuties are so adorable!

  5. Ariel

    These chocolate pitbull puppies are adorable! Pitties are the perfect family dog and are the sweetest with kids, especially when they grow up together! I love all their chocolate names! If I were in Minneapolis, I’d adopt so many of these dogs from the Warrior Dog Rescue, I hope they all find forever homes!

  6. What an adorable litter of pit bull puppies! So so sweet with the chocolate names. I’m so glad you got to share them so they can all be adopted through warrior dog rescue!

  7. I need every single one of these pitbull puppies right now!!! What absolutely beautifully creatures in need of love. Warrior dog rescue is lucky to have you photography these little loves.

  8. Sonia Freeman

    Oh my gosh, these pitbull puppies in baskets are so adorable! Great pet photography! Love the spring props!

  9. Jen

    They are all too cute!! I hope they all find wonderful homes and live the best dog lives ever!!

  10. Amy

    Omg!!! These adorable pit bull puppies are way too cute!! I’m so glad that Warrior Dog Rescue has you as their photographer because these photos are perfect! Somebody special please adopt them now!

  11. This was the perfect blog for me to read to end my night! What a wonderful rescue Warrior Dog Rescue is! Makes me want to drive out to Minnesota to pick one up! Having a black dog myself, I am biased… but these puppies are seriously the cutest! Great puppy photography by K Schulz Photography as always.

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