Amazing Adventures: Capri Italy

After visiting Florence for a few days we took an Italian vacation south to the Amalfi Coast. We made it down to a waterfront town called Sorrento were we planned to make camp for a few days. The island of Capri is just a ferry ride away from both Sorrento and Naples. I have been to this beautiful island in the past and knew I had to bring Chris back here. This time it happened to be at the end of peak season instead of off season so it was a totally different experience for me.

Instead of taking the ferry and exploring the island like I had in the past we decided to go another route. We found a small boat tour at the last minute and booked it. We lucked out and we were two of 6 passengers on a small speed boat. It was a fun experience. The boat taxied us to the island and gave us a tour around. The Blue Grotto is an amazing experience to anyone who has never been. I recommend making time for it but during busy season it takes over an hour and wasn’t feasible on our tour. We were able to see all the other beautiful grottos that this amazing island has. These other grottos are only visible by boat.

Half way through our tour we were let off the boat at Piccolo Marina to explore Capri. The view from the island is amazing. The water looks so pristine. We stopped at a beautiful church in Capri called Chiesa di San Constanzo. After eating lunch and finishing up exploring we meet back at the beach and waited for our boat. We started back towards Sorrento. We finished our tour with the last grotto of the island which was the White Grotto.

The island of Capri was just as beautiful as I remembered it. I would recommend it to anyone visiting the Amalfi Coast. These pictures are great memories but even they can’t do this place justice, its beauty is just too stunning.

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9 thoughts on “Amazing Adventures: Capri Italy”

  1. You are giving me serious wander-lust with these Italy blog posts! I can only imagine how beautiful it would be to photograph a wedding here!

  2. cathie berrey green

    We love traveling and this post with all your beautiful photos of Capri Italy makes me want to move this destination up on our list. It looks like an awesome trip!

  3. K Schulz Photography travels the world! Love that you are bringing us along the journey you took. Your views of Capri Italy are incredible! Thank you for adding a travel portion to your already amazing wedding photography. Beautiful work!

  4. These Italy photographs are amazing! I love the vibrant colors and angles you captured. This definitely shows what an amazing adventure you had. Captivating work!!

  5. I love your travel photography from Capri Italy! The colors and views are absolutely breathtaking. Looking forward to seeing more of K Schulz Photography.

  6. Melanie Weitzenkorn

    I am absolutely drooling over these Amalie coast photos. I’ve been there before when I was a kid and this really brings me back. Although I never visited these exact spots like the Blue Grotto so I loved seeing them. Thanks for sharing these beautiful Italy photographs.

  7. kg

    Amazing travel photos. Love the looks of the rocks and caves – magical! Makes me want to travel to Capri, Italy.

  8. These photos are amazing!! Italy is on my wanderlust list!

  9. How absolutely stunning! Great photos!

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