Behind the Scenes: Murfreesboro Senior Photographer

If you’ve been following my blog you saw this past week’s post about “Your Best Shot”. The amazing shot that gave great seniors a chance to have a full senior session in east Nashville at the Eastwood Christian church. It was a great day for both the seniors and myself. I was so honored to meet such great and thriving youth in our community. This is all about the Behind the scenes work we did with these awesome seniors

Nashville Senior Photographer (42 of 42)Nashville Senior Photographer (22 of 42) Nashville Senior Photographer (9 of 42)Nashville Senior Photographer (1 of 42)

These are the behind the scenes images from the touchstones event all thanks to the coordinator. It shows the whole process. You’ll see the posing during the actual session. Also, it shows the behind the scenes of showing each senior their pictures, which was personally my favorite part. I loved seeing their reactions. They loved getting to see their pictures. It also shows the editing once they picked their favorites.

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12 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes: Murfreesboro Senior Photographer”

  1. Such a fun session! Love all the behind the scenes pictures 🙂

  2. Fun! I love seeing what goes on behind the scenes. Thanks for sharing!

  3. It’s always fun to see what is going on behind the scenes!

  4. Very cool! I love this. Thanks for sharing these behind the scenes senior photos

  5. Trina Dinnar

    I love behind the scenes photos! It really gives me an idea of all the work that goes into the images!

  6. Alex

    What a great experience for these kids! Nice work!

  7. Behind the scene photos are my favorites. Well done.

  8. Vicky

    I love seeing behind the scene!

  9. Beth

    This looks so so fun!!! Love the BTS pics! Makes pics much less intimidating!

  10. Looks great, love seeing behind the scenes.

  11. Oh, I’m loving the BTS! Looks like you had an awesome time with these senior sessions… Awesome job!!

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