Graystone Quarry: Nashville Bridal Portraits

I had the amazing opportunity to take do at Graystone Quarry bridal portraits. Graystone Quarry is a new venue in Franklin Tennessee that will be open this October for weddings and other events. It was great to get a chance to be on the property before it is currently up and running. Graystone Quarry was the perfect location for this bridal shoot. The lovely Chelsey Burnette is stunning and rocked her shoot. Her hair and makeup were done by Rachel of rayRachel Cothron Hair and Makeup she is fantastic! and the beautiful flowers were provided my Natasha of Memory of Elegance. It was a pleasure working with all these amazing ladies.

During our GrayStone Quarry bridal portraits, we were fighting against mother nature. During the shoot the rain forecast had a storm coming in. It was moments away but you wouldn’t know it looking at these pictures. the nice part about the impending storm was near the end of the shoot we had our own little wind machine. We had a fun time exploring the beauty of the property. The massive rock walls were a key background that I wanted to highlight, they also have a waterfall and prairie that will be available soon. I really loved the lake and dock right at the entrance. Even with the impending rain, it was beautiful day and location for this bridal portrait shoot and I’m so glad it worked out the way it did.

Nashville Bridal-1

Nashville Bridal-2

Nashville Bridal-3Nashville Bridal-4

Nashville Bridal-5

Nashville Bridal-6Nashville Bridal-7

Nashville Bridal-9

Nashville Bridal-10

Nashville Bridal-11Nashville Bridal-12

Nashville Bridal-18

Nashville Bridal-16

Nashville Bridal-17

Nashville Bridal-20


Do you think you’ll have enough time for all your beautiful bridal portraits at your wedding? Did you not get enough beautiful pictures in the wedding gown you paid so much for. Inquire about getting bridal portraits done. Bridal Portraits can be before or after your wedding day. Either way, they are beautiful images you can cherish forever. You just don’t have the rush of the wedding day to worry about.

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10 thoughts on “Graystone Quarry: Nashville Bridal Portraits”

  1. Trina Dinnar

    Wow, these bridal portraits are gorgeous! Great work!!!

  2. Bess

    Gorgeous location and images.

  3. Beautiful bridal portraits! The Greystone Quarry in Nashville turned out great! Really love your use of negative space in second image!

  4. Stunning! Such an amazing location! 🙂

  5. What an amazing location! That’s so awesome that you got to work in the Graystone Quarry before it officially opens as a venue. Chelsey’s bridal portraits are so unique and I’m sure future brides will be so excited to see this stunning Tennessee location.

  6. I love bridal portraits. Graystone Quarry provides the perfect backdrop.

  7. Beautiful neutral portraits! I can’t wait to set some wedding photography in this new quarry venue!

  8. KSchulzphotography did a beautiful job with these bridal portraits. Gravestone Quarry is a beautiful venue for photography!

  9. I love the rock quarry for the backdrop for these bridal portraits, it’s really something different and beautiful! I can’t wait to see the Gravstone Quarry when it is an up and running venue, looks like it will be a great spot to get married in Franklin Tennessee.

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