Horse photos in the snow: Horse Photography Workshop

Winter horse photography workshop with Galloping Dreams

What is more majestic than a horse running through a field of freshly fallen snow? Two weekends ago we had the most beautiful we’ve had all winter here in Minnesota. It was sunny and just above freezing. Warm enough to be outside for hours but not too warm for the gorgeous snow to melt rapidly. The perfect day for some horse photography!

I love working with horses but have never had the opportunity to photograph them out in the winter like this. Getting to really dive into photographing several horses in different scenarios was so awesome.

We started the day off letting the group of horses run around on the fresh fallen snow. Once they’d gotten a little exercise we moved in to get some closer photos. They were enjoying rolling around on the snow. After that we gave them a little time to relax and we headed to the barn. We got a few silhouette shots inside. It was a the perfect day for that since their breath really showed up against the window light.

The rest of the workshop was spent photographing the horses with 2 young ladies. Stay tuned for that blog post later this week! It was such a great experience and I thank Rise & Shine Stables for having us on their beautiful property with their gorgeous horses. Also thank you to Katie Nolte of Galloping Dreams Photographing for putting on such a great horse photography workshop.

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6 thoughts on “Horse photos in the snow: Horse Photography Workshop”

  1. Katie N.

    I just love these Kelly! The day was so perfect and everything worked out so amazingly, thank you so much for participating. I had a blast working with everyone and now seeing the beautiful images they have produced 🙂

  2. Wow what a gorgeous group of horses! What is it about snow that makes them look even more magical?! I especially love all the portraits you did. Great horse photography all around Kelly!

  3. Kelly!!! These are so beautiful! What an amazing opportunity. You should offer prints of these. They’re really seriously lovely. Amazing winter horse images.

  4. Amy

    Really beautiful portraits of these wonderful horses! You captured how magnificent these animals are, I love the close up shot of the ears!! You love of the shoot really comes across in the photos, nice job!

  5. Adrienne

    These horse images in the snow are magical! Beautiful work Kelly!

  6. Majestic is right! This wintery horse photo workshop looks amazing! Love all of the different ways your captured the beauty of the horses. Great photos!

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