Wedding days can be long, overwhelming and exhausting. You want to truly be present in your day and enjoy it all. The day can fly by before your eyes. I’ve had several couples decide that splitting up there day is the way to go. Sometimes having an intimate ceremony and then a fun larger reception on another day is the way to go.

There are several reasons why having a ceremony and reception at different times might be the best choice.

  • When you fall in love with a ceremony venue that is simply too small for your guest list but you still want to involve everyone at another point
  • Separate families are split up around the US or world and travel isn’t easy for a majority so doing a ceremony one place and a reception in another is an option
  • You want to elope or have a destination wedding and then come back and celebrate with your family and friends that couldn’t attend

Whatever your reason might be for doing your wedding in two parts, make sure it’s the best choice for you as a couple.

Leah and DC (below) decided to have a smaller wedding in February. They had a ceremony in a quaint chapel and then dinner at a restaurant afterwards. In April the had a larger reception at a country club and they invited friends and family.

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