I had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer and Chris before shooting their wedding so we could do a lovely engagement session on a brisk spring morning in Murfreesboro at Barfield Crescent Park. It honest was perfect since the weather wasn’t too warm and had rained earlier it was like we had the park all to ourselves and the sun was shiny so beautifully in just the right way. It was a nice laid back photo shoot and a great way to connect with the couple before taking their pictures on their wedding day. Jennifer’s handsome son even jumped in a few photos. I really love doing engagement session even if you don’t feel like you need one or you feel like its to early or to late I urge everyone to do them its always nice to get a feeling of how you and your photographer “click” no pun intended. and not just on the phone or in a meeting its great to get a sense of them doing their job.

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