Jennifer and Chris: Murfreesboro Wedding Photographer

K Schulz Photography: Murfreesboro Wedding Photographer

It was a pleasure being part of Jennifer and Chris’ wedding. They had their perfect wedding at Jennifer parent’s property and it was simply beautiful. I was so happy they choose me as their Murfreesboro wedding Photographer.

The ceremony was set up in the backyard. It was the perfect weather with the sun shining as Jennifer was escorted out by her loving son. After the ceremony, this adventurous and fun loving couple hopped on their ATVs and we took pictures all over the property. The four wheeling to take pictures alone was an awesome experience. Their guests enjoyed a delicious meal and a laid back evening while we took pictures all over the property. As we got back the couple joined them playing fun outdoor games and four wheeling throughout the area while into the evening. Before the evening ended Jennifer and Chris changed to more comfortable clothes so they could relax with their guests. Before calling it a night we were able to capture the beautiful sunset. It was a perfect end to a wonderful day being able to capture Jennifer and Chris in their element, in love and having fun.

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15 thoughts on “Jennifer and Chris: Murfreesboro Wedding Photographer”

  1. Ania

    what a great capture of true love!
    Congrats to bride and groom

  2. What a fun wedding! I love cowboy boots on brides. Beautiful photos.

  3. Gorgeous photos!! What a fun wedding, love the boots and four wheeler! 🙂 Congrats to the couple!

  4. Alex

    What a sweet backyard wedding, Kelly!

  5. I love backyard weddings! The photos you captured of them on their ATV’s captured their personalities perfectly! Great job!

  6. Christina Forehand

    What a gorgeous couple and you captured their wedding so beautifully! You truly are an amazing wedding photographer. I also have to say I adore the bride’s bouquet, love bright and fun it is.

  7. Heather Neilson

    Such fantastic wedding photos; they must be absolutely thrilled! I particularly love the ATV photographs – what fun!!

  8. Ah I love this idea of having the wedding in her parents home that must have been really special. You have captured some lovely photo’s and I am sure the couple will be very pleased.

  9. Mia

    Gorgeous wedding!! And I think you really captured their love and the spirit of the day so well!!! Love these!

  10. what a lovely wedding with a lovely photographer who captured the moments so perfectly! You did an amazing job!

  11. Lovely photos! Beautiful smiles… you can see the joy from their wedding. Awesome. 🙂

  12. The young boy walking her down the aisle! My gosh, such sweet beautiful moments… Love the entire wedding. Beautiful photography!

  13. Oh my gosh, what an awesome couple! The bride looks perfectly sweet and that is so AWESOME you got to go out on an ATV adventure!! The portrait of the groom with his arms wrapped around his bride out in the field is just stunning.

  14. How fun is this wedding?!?! Love the way you used nature and light during their wedding day to capture beautiful relaxed portraits for the bride and groom. Beautiful Murfreesboro wedding venue, too! Can’t believe that was in a backyard <3

  15. What an adorable Murfreesboro backyard wedding! So intimate, comfortable and natural. These wedding photos are a perfect reflection of the bride and groom and what’s most important to them. Really lovely work!

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