Laughter, Flowers Crowns and Headshots

When you are part of a community everything is better. Being a full-time photographer can be a lonely job sometimes. You get to have amazing clients, but you’d only get to see them every so often. A good portion of your time is spent at home, in front of a computer.  I have moved three times now so having a sense of community is very important to me. I found just that with this group of fellow creatives. The Tuesdays Together group here is Nashville is a great community. We spend time encouraging each other instead of seeing each other as competition. Doing things like this Headshots Swap is a great example of the fun we have helping each other out.

We all meet at the Gulch in Nashville and had a fun filled day of headshots and laughter. Hannah was there from Unrulyroses and she brought some amazing flower crowns that we all had to try on. We took turns taking headshots of each other and headshots of the members that were not photographers. When all was said and done we had to get a group photo of all the fun. We asked a fellow bystander to snap a shot or two of the group. It’s days like these I’m so happy to have found a great community of creatives in Nashville.

Do you work from home? What do you do to keep yourself motivated and inspired? Do you have a go-to group of people that help encourage you? I’d love to hear about it below in the comments section.

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4 thoughts on “Laughter, Flowers Crowns and Headshots”

  1. Melanie Weitzenkorn

    These are such cute headshots shot by a great Nashville headshot photographer! Love the flower crowns, you ladies must have had so much fun playing dress up have having your photos taken with each other. I love the idea of having an empowering group of professionals in Nashville to keep yourselves sane and to keep th creative juices flowing.

  2. These headshots are lovely! Love the flower crowns from unrulyroses, and the fact that as beautiful as your Murfreesboro wedding photography is, you are equally as talented a headshot photographer! Always nice to see creatives taking time to support each other’s art. So well done!

  3. cathie berrey green

    What a fun headshot session with a group of beautiful women. I love the flower crowns. If anyone in Murfreesboro or the Nashville area needs headshots K Shulz Photography is the best!

  4. Oh man, I keep meaning to attend more RTS sessions! I’m so glad you’ve found such a warm and welcoming community in Nashville. It’s such a relief to know you’re not in it alone.. no matter how tough the days get!!

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