Li and Catt: Printers Alley Engagement

Li and Catt are so much fun to work with. I can’t wait for their wedding in May. This Printers Alley engagement session was awesome. It was cold and windy during their engagement session. You wouldn’t be able to tell because these two were troopers. Printers Alley has been under construction for awhile. Using alleys and rooftops made it hard to tell.

Li and Catt wanted an engagement session that was urban instead of rural. This engagement in Printers Alley was the perfect location for the two of them. Catt happens to work in Printers Alley as well. When we were on the rooftop of a garage we had to get pictures with the batman building in the background.

Their session was filled with laughter and love. It is my pleasure to photograph their wedding this year.

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6 thoughts on “Li and Catt: Printers Alley Engagement”

  1. This is such a cool engagement session location! Now I have to travel across the country and check Printers Alley out! Of course the couple are gorgeous, but your engagement photography is so beautiful! You capture so much emotion and any soon-to-be-married couple would be lucky to hire you!

  2. Love this bright and vibrant engagement session in Printers Alley. Casual, fun engagement sessions are the best and I love this urban setting in Tennessee.

  3. I love these engagement photos from Printers Alley! So much fun, and your lighting is really perfect. I love that your photography always celebrates love and diversity. Engagement photos are a great time to get to know your wedding photographer, and you clearly already have a great repore with this engaged couple. Can’t wait to see their Tennessee wedding photos!

  4. What a fun vibe this engagement session has. Printers Alley is so unique! This looks like the perfect urban setting for a classic Tennessee wedding. Beautiful photographs!!

  5. Beautiful Printers Alley engagement photos! I love how all the signs are lit up and all the twinkling lights in the alleyways. Great urban engagement photos in Tennessee!

  6. Cathie berrey green

    I love all the colors and vibrancy of this Printers Alley engagement session. It is always great when a couple pics and location for their engagement photos that has meaning to them. You captured their love beautifully.

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