Newborn Kitten Photos: Feline Rescue

One week old kittens at Feline Rescue

Didn’t get enough cuteness last week with the newborn puppy pictures? Well you are in luck because here is an extra dose of cutenesss, newborn kitten photos!

I volunteer at Feline Rescue a few times a month to get updated photos of their cats in the shelter in St Paul. Sometimes I get the chance to photograph current foster cats and kittens as well. The last time I was in for shelter photos I was in luck because this adorable litter of kittens was in for a vet visit.

These five precious little kitties were just too much. They were so small and adorable. The litter consists of 3 boys and 2 girls. There are two all black kittens, one black and white kitten, a calico and a torte.

Momma cat is just as beautiful and so so sweet. All these adorable cats are named after harry potter spells.

Feline Rescue currently has 3 other pregnant cats in foster care so it looks like kitten season is coming early this year! Although these sweet babies won’t be available for adoption for a few months you can still take home a beautiful cat from feline rescue now.

The cats in the shelter are getting adopted rather quickly this time of year but there is always a need for good furever homes and foster homes. If you are a cat lover looking for a great rescue to work with I highly recommend Feline Rescue Inc in St Paul.

And now the moment you’ve been waiting for… if you made it this far into reading without skipping to pictures! Newborn Kitten Photos!

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5 thoughts on “Newborn Kitten Photos: Feline Rescue”

  1. Bozena

    They are so sweet and adorable!! These are the cutest pictures ever!! Hopefully, that’s all those beautiful kittens need – a great photo to get these baby kittens adopted.

  2. Sonia Freeman

    You can just hear this cute kittens purring! They look so cute and snuggly!

  3. OH MY HEAVENS!!! These little kitten portraits are amazing! I love to see how you’ve branched out from not only doing beautiful wedding and engagement photography, but all of the pet portraits and newborn sessions are equally as beautiful. Love these!

  4. Jen

    There is nothing cuter than abby kitties! I love all of these, they are so darling! I bet Feline Rescue loves having you do their photos!

  5. OH MY WORD! I am totally allergic to cats, and this makes me want to pick one up and smoosh it in my face! These baby kittens are so sweet, and I love that you take these for Feline Rescue to help them find homes in and around St. Paul!

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