Rescue Puppies: K Schulz Pet Portraits

Adoptable rescue puppies through Warrior Dog Rescue

You are probably sick of seeing puppy pictures by now! Just kidding who gets sick of seeing pictures of puppies all day every day?!?! Probably not anyone who’s reading this blog post.

The past two months Warrior Dog Rescue has had an influx of puppy litters which meant I got plenty of puppy time which is always ok by me. These five adorable pups were the youngest of all the puppies Warrior Dog got in March/April. They were also the smallest being only a litter of five instead of 8 or 10

This group is named after Southern Beaus and Bells (Adelaide, Jeb, Rhett, Maybelle and Chantilly) 3 of these 5 cutest have been adopted but good news for you, Adelaide and Maybelle are still available. See them on the adoptables dogs page on the Warrior Dog Rescue website

If I had to guess what kind of super mutt mix these cuties were id wager that they have heeler, black mouth cur and rhodesian ridgeback. but again thats just a guess. What I do know if they are sweet, adorable and healthy and thats all that matters right?!?

Mommas name is Ana Mae and she’s deceivingly small. We took a picture of her and one of her pups to show just how big they are compared to her.

to learn more about and other warrior dog adoptable pups check out

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