Safari Pet Resort: Holiday Pet Portraits

Holiday Pet Portraits

This past holiday season I had the pleasure to work with Safari Pet Resort and do Holiday pet portraits for their clients and the pet owners of Rutherford county. It was a wonderful experience. Not only are the staff at Safari Pet Resort amazing to work with, but the pet’s and people I was able to meet in the process were all wonderful.

Each and ever dog and cat that was photograph was a joy to work with. So many happy pets came through the doors on the two days we did the sessions. I photographed all typed on beautiful pets. So many big and small dogs and even a few felines as well. Some pet parents brought their own props and outfits which was so fun to see. We provided an assortment of Santa hats and sleds for all sizes so that no one would be left out.

After 39 fun filled sessions in two jam packed days we finished our holiday pet portraits. I look forward to working with Safari Pet Resort and all these wonderful pets again in the future. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season!

australian sheperdholiday pet portrait Yorkie Llewellyn Setter Mastiff Labrador Mix in a santa hat Mastiff Labrador Mix Belgian Sheepdog Mix Belgian Sheepdog Mix beagleBoston Terriers Boston Terriers shih you Maltese Maltese and Chihuahua SchnoodleRat Terrier and Labrador Mix Jack Russell Terrier Welsh Pembroke Corgi Corgi in a santa hat Jack Russell Terrier Jack Russell Terrier in a santa hat PItbull with christmas lights ChihuahuaSchnauzer Schnauzer Sheltie, german sheperd and lab mixShih Tzu black and white cattabby cat tabby cat malti poo Husky black lab and yellow lab toy poodle toy poodle cairn terrierpomeranian mini poodle golden doodle havens havenese Yorkie Yorkie Holiday Pet Portraits Mini Schnauzer, Holiday Pet Portraits

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10 thoughts on “Safari Pet Resort: Holiday Pet Portraits”

  1. This is awesome!!! I would be very interested in knowing how your market these 🙂 Great work!!


  2. So cute! great lighting and expressions 🙂

  3. Rachel Carter

    these holiday pet portraits are outstanding! I love all of them!!!

  4. OHMYGOODNESS!!! This is the best blog ever! I love your holiday pet portraits! Safari pet resort must be thrilled with your gorgeous photos of all the pets! These are really adorable. Gorgeous work!

  5. Jennifer Lincoln

    This is adorable! I love that you chose to do a blog about pet photos. The dogs and cats are wonderful! Safari Pet Resort is very lucky to have hired K Schulz Photography.

  6. Adrienne

    Pets and Christmas photos!!! Beautiful work by this Murfreesboro Pet Photographer!

  7. Cathie Berrey-Green

    OMG. I love this blog post. What fun working with all these great pets and you did a fantastic job capturing all of them. I can totally see in every pets personality.

  8. Such cute Christmas pets! Now I’m missing my three babies at home. Gorgeous pet photography!

  9. Oh my!! Love love this adorable fur babies you photographed! Having two small puppies myself I know what a challenge it can be trying to photograph pooches. You did an amazing job! They are so so cute!! I could look at least furry faces all day!

  10. Oh my gosh!!! Why do you have to be so far away in Murfreesboro, Tennessee?!?! These pet portraits are seriously adorable, and I’d adore having photos of my cat Taco takin in this holiday photo setting!!

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