Sam Davis Home: Murfreesboro Photographer

While my parents were in town we decided to take them to several attractions in Tennessee and one of those happened to be the Sam Davis Home. This beautiful property is not only a historical home and a wonderful tourist landmark but also a known wedding venue on weekends. It is also a popular photographer’s location due to its property and its beautiful cotton fields. Today I was there merely as a tourist with my family. I did happen to get some beautiful pictures of the house itself because it was such a beautiful blue sky, but since it’s February and rather cold the land isn’t as picturesque as usual. It’s still a beautiful property and I urge anyone to learn about Sam Davis and take the tour as is a great piece of history. I enjoy doing tours this time of year since you tend to avoid the large crowds, which ultimately means fewer people in my pictures 🙂 If you are ever near Nashville Tennessee there are many great plantations to see and Sam Davis Home in Smyrna should be on your list.

Sam Davis Home-1 Sam Davis Home-2  Sam Davis Home-5 Sam Davis Home-6 Sam Davis Home-8

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11 thoughts on “Sam Davis Home: Murfreesboro Photographer”

  1. I completely understand why this local landmark is a popular wedding venue! Your photographs really show off the house!

  2. The Sam Davis Home would make a beautiful Tennessee wedding venue. With cotton fields flourishing I am sure it’s even more perfect. Great photos of this Tennessee landmark.

  3. This would definitely make an awesome venue!

  4. That’s such an amazing venue! Lovely shots!

  5. Love the interiors of this place! And you did a great job showcasing them.

  6. aneta

    Amazing place! Now I want to visit TN! Great job capturing the beauty of this place.

  7. Thanks for sharing these venue shots! Portrait photography isn’t the only thing a wedding photographer needs to be good at. He or she needs to be a good environmental photographer as well.

  8. What an amazing location. Love it!

  9. Jennifer

    Wow!! I love your perspective on all the elements of this Tennessee home!! Awesome angles!! It’s nice to see how decor looked once upon a time!!

  10. I would love to see you do wedding photography in the historic Sam Davis Home. What a great backdrop for quintessential southern wedding photography! Imagine the wedding party photographed on that second-floor balcony. Gorgeous!

  11. The Sam Davis Home is gorgeous! What a gorgeous venue for a Nashville wedding! Your Murfreesboro brides need to do a shoot with you here as soon as possible! Beautiful venue photos.

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