Stacy and David: Murfreesboro Engagement

  • It was a pleasure doing Stacy and David’s Murfreesboro engagement photography. When we met up for their wedding consult they brought their darling daughter Caroline with and once we started talk engagement pictures it was obviously she would have to be in several. Caroline tagged along and become the best assistant any photographer could as for when she wasn’t in the pictures, the four of us had a great time.


We Started the shoot at Cannonsburgh Village in Murfreesboro which in the evening is a perfect location for pictures. It has so many great backgrounds in a quaint small space. The day was warm, warmer than we had anticipated but you wouldn’t know it looking at these two love birds. They made the most of it and had a great time. After Cannonsburgh Village, we took a quick ride to the Linebaugh Public Library right outside the Square. The fountains and Gazebo there are beautiful in the evening. The fountains were great making all kinds of fun shapes for photos. These two were hand in hand throughout the night. I am so looking forward to their fall wedding at Saddle Wood Farms

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If you are in need of an engagement or wedding photographer in the Murfreesboro or surrounding area please email Kelly at or cal 630-222-9124.

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13 thoughts on “Stacy and David: Murfreesboro Engagement”

  1. What a handsome couple!! You did such a wonderful job with posing and framing on this Murfreesboro engagement, every image looks so different from the next, yet they all come together in a wonderful mixture of your style and photographic talent. I’m so glad Caroline made a cameo in the photos as well, that’s definitely a family portrait to cherish and keep <3

  2. These are awesome! Caroline is adorable, and I am sure they appreciate having a family portrait with their engagement shoot. I think the one seated at the table is my favorite of just the two of them. It’s different. Very good work!

  3. cathie berrey green

    These are beautiful. Love the way you captured their love!

  4. I adore this photo session from Cannonsburgh Village! Gorgeous use of natural light for these pretty, romantic engagement photos. I love that water fountain shot. Really beautiful engagement shoot from this Murfreesboro wedding photographer!

  5. What a lovely engagement session at Cannonsburgh Village and Downtown Murfreesboro! Beautiful work!

  6. leah

    I absolutely love this Murfreesboro Engagement session at Cannonsburgh Village. I love that they included Caroline into a shot and what a beautiful family photo they will have to cherish for a long time. The light is stunning and the couple are simply beaming! Great job on this engagement session from KSchulz Photography

  7. Lillian

    Nice job framing with the water from the fountain! Beautiful work with this Cannonsburgh Village in Murfreesboro and Linebaugh Public Library engagement session!

  8. A seriously gorgeous engagement session of a seriously gorgeous couple! Mufreesboro looks so beautiful!

  9. This engagement session is stunning! Murfreesboro is gorgeous. Beautiful work!!

  10. Cannonsburgh Village looks like an awesome place for an engagement session and, as always, you nailed it Kelly.

    I love the way you incorporated the patio and the water fountain into some of these photos. It really gave the shoot a cool rustic feeling and brought out the subjects incredibly well.

    Wonderful work. 🙂

  11. Cannonsburgh Village is a fun spot for an engagement session. The couple’s engagement props are cut and they look so happy together!

  12. […] couple to work with from start to finish. They are just so sweet and kind hearted. I did their engagement pictures earlier this year at Cannonsburgh Village. I knew their wedding at Saddle Woods Farm was going to […]

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