Tennessee Waterfalls Series

Since moving to Murfreesboro I have loved exploring the great state of Tennessee. Something Tennessee has in abundance is waterfalls. They are amazing to photograph and are even more wonderful in person. From Nashville and Murfreesboro there are several that are not that far of a drive. These Tennesee Waterfalls have become great weekend adventures for my husband Chris and I. Since there are so many throughout Tennessee I’ve started a series showcasing them as I go. These are the ones I’ve seen this winter from November until February.




These three pictures above are from Old Stone Fort State Park


This waterfall is a small one near Chattanooga on the South Cumberland Trail



The two falls above are from Falls Creek State Park, a great park with several waterfalls to see.


This is Foster Falls one of many waterfalls in South Cumberland State Park. It is an easy hike compared to others and very beautiful.






These awesome Tennessee waterfalls are all from the Great Smoky Mountains. The top photos being Laurel Falls.

I hope you enjoyed this waterfall series, I plan to share much more as I explore more of the great state of Tennessee and its beautiful waterfalls.

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11 thoughts on “Tennessee Waterfalls Series”

  1. Jenna D

    These are so peaceful and serene!

  2. These are stunning! Now I want to visit

  3. Sydney

    Beautiful images!

  4. Whoa, these are amazing! I remember doing these when I first started in photography- it makes me want to get back out there and photograph things for fun! Not to mention- we could all use a day on the trails. Beautiful work!

  5. Wow! These are so peaceful. Well done!

  6. Deanna

    these are gorgeous!

  7. stephanie

    Love these images! what a beautiful location 🙂

  8. Christina

    Absolutely stunning waterfall images. So beautiful and serene. I had no idea Tennesee had such landscapes <3

  9. Alex

    Oh wow, these are so cook, Kelly!!

  10. Milana

    Wow, love them!!!

  11. That image of the one near Chatanooga… OMG! All of them are lovely waterfall images!!

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