Tiana and John had a beautiful Tennessee elopement on New Year’s Eve. We all met at Percy Warner park and walked to this quaint location in the woods. They had started a fire since it was a little chilly and rainy on new years eve. This was a beautiful intimate ceremony hoping for the rain to hold out until we were done. This lovely shelter was the perfect secluded spot for what they were looking for.

Tiana and John are from Indiana and wanted to spend their new year in Tennessee. They wanted a simple laid back elopement ceremony. They told me to wear comfortable shoes since the walk back to the shelter was a bit long. It was totally worth it, though! These two got sweatshirts that had them names on it. They brought an array of fun things to make it feel more like a tiny intimate wedding.

After their short but sweet ceremony, we went out of the shelter to get a few portraits of the newly married couple. We luckily beat the rain, it didn’t start until we were back underneath the shelter. They brought cupcakes to eat together. To celebrate they had Mr and Mrs shot glasses with tequila. I had to get some pictures of Tiana’s beautifully stunning ring. It was such a unique ring. Tiana and John also decided to do a wonderful first dance together as bride and groom. They were so sweet, I made sure to stand far away to take pictures with my zoom lens to give them a private moment together. You can tell while they are dancing that they are the only two people in the whole world. It was a pleasure to be witness to their beautiful Tennessee elopement.

Are you planning on eloping? I love to photograph intimate occasions like elopements.

New Years Eve Tennessee elopement

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