Tis the Season: Winter Weddings

It is that time of year for snuggling up in front of fires, hot chocolate, and a good cozy blanket on the couch.  I have had some amazing couples over the years who have braved the cold for beautiful winter photographs at their weddings. If you think this time of year is absolutely beautiful then you just might be one of these couples. If the thought of braving the cold and possible snow for a photo sends shivers down your spine, this just might not be you.  Winter Weddings are a magical thing. Winter can be so unpredictable. Snow can be beautiful but problematic. I try to see the positive in everything. Some might see snow as a problem at a winter wedding. I see it as an opportunity to take gorgeous pictures that few get to have.

Winter weddings don’t always have to have snow. There is a style behind winter weddings that is simply beautiful. There is an elegance in the decor that comes with winter weddings. I love using Christmas lights in backgrounds. Long sleeve dresses are more common and can be simply beautiful. Some of the most beautiful cakes I’ve even seen have come from winter weddings. There is just something to be said about weddings in the winter.

Are you still trying to decide if a winter wedding is right for you?

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6 thoughts on “Tis the Season: Winter Weddings”

  1. These winters wedding portraits are just so stunning

  2. Sydney Miller

    All that snow! I love winter weddings, beautiful images! You captured their big day perfectly!

  3. Debbie L

    Just gorgeous!! One lucky bride and groom

  4. Colleen H

    Gorgeous! I’m too much of a wimp to last in a wedding dress in the snow, but these are so worth it!

  5. I LOVE THE RING SHOT ON THE SNOWFLAKE. Like, a lot. But being that I live in Texas, I have to say that I absolutely love your winter wedding photography! So gorgeous, I don’t know how brides can even handle it, but as usual your wedding photography is stunning!

  6. Ashlee

    I am swooning over your winter wedding photographs! The twinkle lights and fur shawls are so romantic! Stunning wedding photography!!

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