Wedding Bouquet: Find the right style for you

Picking out the perfect flowers for your wedding day can be fun but challenging. If you have a favorite flower and know its the one for your perfect! Often times you might have the colors you want picked out, but not completely sure about what flowers would be right for your wedding bouquet. Your favorite flower might not hold up well in a bouquet. It might be the wrong season and therefore quite expensive to obtain. It might not come in the right color for your wedding theme. These are all things that come up when choosing a wedding bouquet.

Maybe you don’t want your wedding bouquet to have flowers in it at all. There are several options depending on your style. A fall wedding can look beautiful with an acorn bouquet. Maybe your wedding will be a flashy affair and you want bling on your bouquet. A brooch bouquet is a great statement piece, just be aware those get heavy! Feeling like a little DIY? Paper flowers make for a beautiful light weight option. You can make these yourself or buy them on places like Etsy.

So what does your dream bouquet look like? Is it perfect and symmetrical? Does it cascade down is it off centered? It might be simple and one color or maybe it’s an array of vibrant colors. Once you’ve decided that look you can decide better on materials. The easy way to do this is to consult with a reputable florist. Get quotes on things but most importantly ask questions. Get an idea of what flowers work for bouquets and what best represents your style. Your bouquet can be as fancy or as fun as you want it to be. Whatever you decide make sure it represents you and your wedding the way you want. Tulip bouquet, Succulent bouquet, Acorn bouquet they are all beautiful and are perfect for someone’s wedding day, maybe yours.

My bouquet was white purple and blue. It was filled with orchids one of my favorite flowers. With all this, I’d love to hear about your bouquets. To the past, present and future brides, what does/did your wedding bouquet look like?

Summer bouquet with organic colorful flowers Wedding bouquet with lilacs and white roses  orange and yellow wedding bouquet with jewels. colorful fall wedding bouquet Acorn wedding bouquet succulent bouquet. Green and Pink wedding bouquetPaper flowers wedding bouquet. Teal and Orange bridal bouquet  bright fun bridal bouquet. Tulip wedding bouquet Fake white flowers with bling. Bridal bouquet  white wedding bouquet

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