Wedding Sparklers: a BRIGHT idea

Wedding Sparklers

Are you thinking about an exit for your wedding? Do you simply love sparklers and want to add them to your wedding day? Are you already married but like looking at pretty pictures? If you answered yes to any of the above questions this is the perfect blog post for you. Wedding sparklers can add a little extra something to any grand exit.

I am not going to lie, I love fireworks. Sparklers happen to be year round fireworks in my opinion. I’ve always enjoyed sparklers so this idea of wedding sparklers and sparkler exits just make me smile. There are the inherent risks and roadblocks, but if allowed and done right, sparklers at your wedding can be so much fun.

First, make sure to ask your venue for permission to use sparklers. If they don’t allow sparklers there are always other fun options. Get a list from your venue of approved exit items and we can have plenty of fun night time shots with anything. For instance, glow sticks, no fire, still fun! Sparklers are not just an exit option. Sometimes I advise a mock exit for safety reasons. Also for better pictures because lets face it that’s why you hired me right?

A mock exit is done when guests are still having fun, but not to much fun. You can still get their attention and still trust them with fire around your beautiful wedding attire. It’s also sometimes nice on your budget if you aren’t paying for your photographer to stay until the end of the night. A mock exit is more controlled than a natural wedding exit. It is less rushed and therefore pictures can be done correctly. Guests are usually less rowdy which means less likely to cause a fire mishap. I also recommend when buying sparklers that you buy the longer ones. The short ones you can buy go out too quickly and by the time half the guests have them lit the other half is out.

Other sparkler options besides the exits can have little to no guest participation. If you are spelling anything out I recommend using your bridesmaids they tend to be more helpful and better at instructions, no offense groomsmen. The heart pictures can be done just by the couple. All other fun sparkler pictures might need one or two helpful participations, that don’t mind running around.

What can I say I always enjoy sparklers at weddings.

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6 thoughts on “Wedding Sparklers: a BRIGHT idea”

  1. Kelly, I’m right there with you. While sparklers can be a pain in the butt to organize (especially at the end of the night as many of the guests may have partied a bit too hard), there’s nothing like a good grand exit shot to really cap a beautiful wedding.
    I love the variety of images you have here and the different way you make each one stand out. Wonderful work as always. 🙂

  2. Sparklers always look so good in wedding photographs, and I love how especially in your wedding photography, you’ve captured the essence of a sparkler exit so well. And good call on the mock-exits, they can be perfect for some weddings!

  3. Heather

    These are awesome! You do a great job at capturing the firework exit!

  4. These are so good! I’ve never been able to get sparklers right, I always have lens flares but you did an amazing job!

  5. So good! Sparkler exits are my fave!

  6. I love amazing wedding exits and these are perfect! Wedding sparkler exits are so much trickier to photograph than people think. You’ve got a great variety here with all the beautiful light painting too! Beautiful wedding exit shots all around!

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