Wedding Transportation: Ride in style

Wedding Transportation

How are you traveling to your wedding? Are you riding from your ceremony to reception in style? How are you leaving your reception as a married couple? Over time I have seen all kinds of awesome wedding transportation.

You can take a long limo full of your bridal party from spot to spot. If you want a more intimate ride with your new husband or wife, you can get chauffeured in a classic car. Places like SaltBox Inn rent out their Rolls Royce for special occasions. Drive away from your reception in a stunning automobile. Have some fun with friends and family in a school bus or party bus. Ride around the farm in an ATV.

Make sure your wedding transportation is right for you. If you have everything happening in one location you might not need a big bus for your bridal party. You might opt for an intimate ride to your hotel. Maybe a family member has a sweet car that you can borrow to head home for the first time as a married couple. Not wanting to get too fancy have friends or family decorate your car, this might seem old school but it can be so fun.

Just want pictures with your sweet ride but it’s not a practical ride for a wedding gown? That is ok, you can always take pictures with your sweet motorcycle. Maybe you are a more daring bride and you ride around on an ATV for photos. whatever you decide for your wedding transportation know that is the best decision because it was your choice!

School bus as wedding transportation ATV as wedding transportation

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6 thoughts on “Wedding Transportation: Ride in style”

  1. I love the use of the school bus, and the photo of the full bridal party is perfect! Great blog post on wedding transportation and beautiful wedding photography!

  2. This wedding is definitely riding in style! Great blog post on wedding transportation!

  3. Cars, bikes, & buses. Totally awesome each & every one!

  4. How fun to see how each wedding does transportation in a unique way! Love using a bus for wedding portraits. These are great ideas captured by K Schulz Photography!

  5. Kristen Jarrett

    I love all of these ideas for non-traditional wedding cars and transportation… so funky! I think anything that shows individual personality is awesome. A bus, four-wheeler, etc… definitely do that!!

  6. Lauren Priori

    I love these ideas for wedding day transportation! That school bus is especially fun.

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