If you’re following K Schulz Photography on social media you might notice we are back at it, photographing rescue dogs, pet portraits and weddings.

Things look a little bit different nowadays. I’m happy to be back at it but I only want to photograph if I can insure keeping my clients and my family safe. Sessions are only taking place outdoors for the time being. If I happen to do a session back to back (very rarely) I leave enough time to wash hands or sanitize anything I am using at the session. I am wearing a mask whenever I’m within 10 feet of my clients. I am using a zoom lens almost exclusively to make sure I am far enough away.

All interactions I do with my clients are done at a distance. I look forward to the day I can shake your hand, high five or hug. Until then there will be lots of air hugs and high fives! I limit my interaction with your fur babies. If you are ok with it I will greet them, with your permission I will give them a little attention and pets, because at the end of the day I want them comfortable with me so I can get the best photos possible. I ask that treats are given by you instead of me. I limit any props or things that I normally supply. If my clients want to bring something I’m happy with that.

For weddings I wear my mask indoors at all times. Outdoors I only remove it if I’m easily 10 feet away from my couple and their guests.

I love photographing pets and weddings and am happy to be back at it. There is never a bad time to capture your love and the love you have for your fur babies. Don’t wait to get those pictures you’ve been wanting.

As information about covid-19 comes to light we will change accordingly. If a stay at home order is put into place again we will temporarily shut down. The top priority is safety. We will get through this together!

Contact us today to schedule your session in the future. I look forward to working with you!

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