Amazing Adventures: Positano and Sorrento

By Kelly Loeffler | October 26, 2016 | Destination Wedding Photographer, Travel Series |10 Commnents

Positano and Sorrento

On our last leg of our journey, before heading home, we stayed in Sorrento. Both Sorrento and Positano are located on the western coast of Italy on the Amalfi coast. While we were staying in Sorrento it was easy to walk to the marina at dusk and get beautiful pictures of the water. On a clear day you can see Mt Vesuvius. At night some streets close down to cars and people walk everywhere. Its so serene and wonderful at night.

Our last day before leaving Sorrento we took a day trip to Positano. You can get there by Ferry or by bus. Both are very easy to do. The bus is packed during the summer and is winding coastal road that takes about 45 minutes. We decided to take the bus there, luckily we got seats. The bus dropped us off near the middle of the city. Positano is a vertical city in the fact that its on cliff face right on the water. To get anywhere you basically have to walk up and down hundreds of steps of stairs. This does make it extremely beautiful in pictures, a major bonus for me. Since we were there in the summer time we were able to see the vibrant colored beachfront filled with umbrellas and beach chairs as far as the eye could see.

We spent the day walking the city. It rained in the middle of the day but you could barely tell from these pictures. the weather came and went quickly and as it got later we caught the 2nd to last ferry back to Sorrento. I had had enough of the bus for one day. Too many winding turns near cliffs for me. The ferry ride was short and peaceful. Make sure you get a direct ferry and not one that goes all the way to Capri and then to Sorrento, It’s an easy mistake. Positano is a beautiful city and one I would recommend to anyone visiting Italy.

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