Death Valley: Travel Series

By Kelly Loeffler | October 12, 2017 | Travel Series |0 Commnents

Death Valley: Travel Series

If you’ve read some of my previous travel series blogs you probably know that my husband and I love travllling to the US National Parks. We visited Death Valley back when we were still living in California. We visited in early April and it was in the mid 90’s during the day. This is definitely a place to visit in the winter due to its high temperatures.

There are some key places to visit while in Death Valley. I suggest starting early so by the mid day heat you can take a break. Badwater Basin is an easy place to visit because its right in the valley and you can literally park and be right there. This is the lowest part of the park at 282 feet under sea level. It is also the lowest part of the United States.

Another great part to visit which can be a short walk or a decent trek is the sand dunes. We visited the dunes at sunrise which I highly recommend doing. The wind at night blows the sand around and gets rid of any foot prints from the previous day. If you get there early enough you can watch the sun rise over the pristine landscape. It is stunning. You can stay near the parking lot and take in the beauty or walk as far out into the dunes as you desire. It seems easy but walking up and down those hills can surely take it out of you.

If you are looking for something to do in evening try driving up to one of the lookouts. Going right before sunset can give beautiful views of the valley. A key tip is to pay attention to signs on road conditions. If it says 4 wheel vehicles only, LISTEN. We drove up a seriously challenging road while there and several cars that did the same journey did not fair very well. You can rent four wheel vehicles while in the park if you’d really like to do some adventures that your car cant handle.

One of my favorite parts about Death Valley is the sky at night. It is so dark there that the stars are breath taking. Really soak them in at night, drive away from any buildings and just gaze up at the sky. On a clear night its just so worht it to stay out a little later then usual.

Death Valley is a fun national park to visit. The more you know before you go the better your experience will be.

Planning a trip to a national park and have travel questions? I’d be happy to answer any your might have if I’ve been there