Grand Exit: Make your exit grand

glow stick grand exit

Want the perfect grand exit?

Are you having a grand exit from your wedding? You might still be deciding on what to do or you know exactly what you want, either way here are some tips for the perfect grand exit.

Pick something the venue will allow. Often times there are restrictions depending on the place. Some don’t want to pick up confetti for days. Others don’t want a drunken guest burning their place down with sparklers. Yes, make sure you know the rules before you buy 70lbs of glitter.

Work with your venue, coordinator, and photographer. A grand exit needs planning so the more info you give your photographer the better they can plan ahead and have the right equipment. This isn’t our first rodeo. Sometimes guests run out and start lighting sparklers before people are even lined up. If we are there to coordinate it no sparklers are wasted in the process, and the pictures turn out better.

Don’t always wait until the end of the night. Sometimes you want your friends and family to truly send you off and you get in a car and immediately leave. This is ideal for some but not everyone. Those exits often feel rushed and you don’t have time to say goodbye and make sure you have everything. If you know your guests might be three sheets to the wind by the end of your reception consider moving up your exit. It’s like a fake grand exit, this gives you a little piece of mind that you’re less likely to be burned by a drunken guest with a sparkler. Also if numbers are important to you, move up the exit to ensure the largest amount of participation.

Don’t over or underestimate numbers. If you do your exit early enough make sure you have enough materials for the whole crowd. If you are waiting until the end maybe only count on half your guests being there.

Lastly, have fun. The most important part of the exit is the two of you. Smile, laugh and enjoy. Take time to dip or twirl in the middle of the chaos. Always make sure you take some time to kiss.

Grand exits can truly be a lot of fun. It just takes a little planning. If you have questions or want more exit ideas contact Kelly at [email protected]