Great Smoky Mountains: Travel series

By Kelly Loeffler | September 21, 2017 | Travel Series |0 Commnents

While living in Tennessee who can resist a good visit to the Great Smoky Mountains? I have been able to visit their twice in the last year. Once when winter was turning into spring. The other when fall was turning into winter. Both times happened to be a bit colder than I had expected. We have experienced hiking through ice and snow on both accounts. Even with the cold, the Smokies are a beautiful place. If you are anywhere near this National Park I recommend a visit.

There are so many scenic overlooks in the smoky mountains. You can hike to the top or simply drive to see them. The waterfalls are in abundance. Hikes can be flat and only a few hundred feet or they can be long and strenuous. There is something to do for everyone.

Cutting straight through the smoky mountains national park is the Appalachian trail. The trail can be accessed where Tennessee meets North Carolina. I haven’t had the chance to hike the Appalachian trail yet but I have been able to step foot on it. If you are looking for a view from the top that would be Clingman’s Dome. We, unfortunately, didn’t get the view the day we hiked it. The weather started off fine but was so cold at the top it was a haze of clouds and snow. The Dome at the very top is quite impressive. You walk the ramp up and have a 360 view from the tower. It’s a steep hike but its fully paved making it less strenuous.

I havent had the chance to visit during peak seasons. I am sure it is absolutely beautiful. But I do enjoy not having to deal with as many crowds going november through february.

Have you been to the Great Smoky Mountains? I would love to hear about your experience in the comments. Are you plannign a trip and want photographs there, contact me today [email protected]