Honeymoon in Hawaii: Travel series

By Kelly Loeffler | April 20, 2017 | Destination Wedding Photographer, Travel Series |1 Commnents

Honeymoon in Hawaii

Are you going somewhere fun on your honeymoon? Did you go somewhere cool after you got married? I would love to hear all about your honeymoon experiences the good and the bad. Knowing where to go is half the battle. knowing what to do when you get there helps make your honeymoon that much better. We had our honeymoon in Hawaii. This was back in 2014.

I’d like to show you some of the great things Hawaii has to offer. Wtraveleded to 4 islands on our trip. We started on Honolulu. Seeing Pearl harbor was a must. If you plan on going go early, like before they open, get tickets right away and enjoy. It’s a lot to take in so plan on spending several hours there. We also made it to the top of diamond head, the photos just don’t do it justice. We stopped by the local zoo, I love animals and have been to zoos al over the world.

One really cool thing about all the islands are the unique trees. There are rainbow trees. These trees look like the bark is gone and someone painted multiple colors on the tree afterward. My favorite tree of all time is the Banyan tree. You can see these all over Hawaii. These awesome trees are like infrastructures They grow outward and continue to make routes in the ground. They can take up an entire block if they have the chance to get that long. The largest one takes up an entire park in Maui.

After Honolulu we headed to Molokai. This island is a bit off the beaten path. There are no stoplights and only a few hotels. The beaches are pristine and sometimes completely empty. The neatest thing about Molokai is Kalaupapa. This sunken part of the island was and still is an active leper colony now Hansen’s Disease. The only ways to get down there are hiking down a cliff, taking a mule ride or a tiny plane. The tour at the bottom was so interesting and a great experience.

After Molokai we headed to Maui. This island was awesome and very diverse it activities. We enjoyed a luau one night in Lahaina. The road to Hana was a long but awesome day. I recommend this adventure to anyone in Maui. We also went snorkeling of the the island of Lanai.

The last island we visited was the Big Island. We chose this island because of the volcano national park. The lava was not flowing when we were there but it was still very cool to see. We also had the chance to do a night swim with manta rays. That experience was amazing, terrifying, but amazing.

If you get the pleasure of going on a honeymoon in Hawaii or a fun vacation you’ll have so much to see. It’s an amazing place and the possibilities are endless

Honeymoon in Hawaii. Pearl Harbor Honeymoon in Hawaii. Hawaiian sunset Honeymoon in Hawaii. Banyan tree Honeymoon in Hawaii. Cliffs outside Big Island Honeymoon in Hawaii. Banyan treeHoneymoon in Hawaii. Volcano national park Honeymoon in Hawaii. Cliffs off kaluapapa Honeymoon in Hawaii. Rainbow trees