Meet my cat Leroy: About your Photographer

By Kelly Loeffler | March 27, 2017 | Pet Photography |2 Commnents

    About your Photographer: Kelly Loeffler

Meet my cat, Leroy

This is Leroy. He is my fur baby. He is so photogenic even if he doesn’t want to be. I adopted him this past November from Paws of Rutherford County. He is about 2 years old and still acts like a tiny kitten. Actually, he acts more like a puppy on most days. He is a bundle of joy and excitement.

I love taking pictures of other people’s fur babies. I also love to volunteer at Paws and take pictures of the adoptable pets. I try to make sure to consistently take pictures of my own fur baby. I am biased I think he’s the cutest cat ever! If I am telling people to get pictures done of their fur babies I should be doing the same.

I, like most people with a fur baby, have hundreds of pictures of him on my phone. Sometimes he’s just too cute to wait to get my camera and get the picture. He is quite a dapper cat. He might not love when we put shirts on him but once they are on he’s a chill kitty. He is my model and my lighting teaser. If I have a session at home and want to make sure it works I have Leroy. When I have a backdrop set up I want to test out he’s my model.

If you have noticed we celebrate all the major holidays. He has more clothes than any cat probably should but I cant help it he’s just so dang cute in a tie or a bowtie. I have no shame in dressing up my dapper cat and showing him off to the world. If you have fur baby you want to dress up, go for it! I’m glad you were able to meet my cat, Leroy. I look forward to meeting your fur babies as well!

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