Wedding cakes: How will you ever choose?

Wedding Cakes

Who does love cake at a wedding? If you are feeling hungry get a snack and come back to view these pictures later, trust me. Wedding cakes today can be so different and interesting. When picking your wedding cake remember to have fun with it. There is no such thing as the wrong cake for you. Wedding cakes can be as small or as large as you want them to be.

For my wedding we had a 5 tier cake, it was delicious. It was vanilla with the most amazing frosting. You dont have to pick a flavor based on other peoples wants. Pick a flavor you will actually eat. I am a plain ckae kind of girl. I had several people question my choice of cake flavor. I didnt care and in the end that cake was amazing and everyone seemed to have enjoyed it.

When picking the size of your cake there are two things to keep in mind. Budget and guest list. The more guests you have the larger your cake should be. If your budget doesnt warrant a large grand cake then get a beautiful small cake and do cupcakes or sheet cake. Often times a two tiered cake is great for that. One tier to ceremonially cut into, one tier to save for your anniversary. (my cake never made it to the one year) Why freeze somethine so delicious when you can eat it now?!? but thats a different story.

Picking a place to make your cake can be tricky as well. Find someone who you like their style but also make sure you get to taste samples. I wouldve stayed at my cake place all day and just ate samples. It’s a fun and delcious experience.

Cake toppers is a totally different decision. You can be fun and ironic or elegant and beautiful. Have a florist you absolutely love? Have them add flowers to your ckae instead of a topper.

Ultimately your wedding cake is your decision and you should have a delicous time deciding what works for you. Once youve foudn a reputable bakery you can discuss things like buttercream or fondant.

Have fun and let them eat cake!


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Cakes pictures include

Julia’s bakery

Oh Crumbs Bakery

Wolfgang bakery