If the shoe fits: wedding shoes

By Kelly Loeffler | February 4, 2019 | Minneapolis photographer, Minneapolis Wedding Photographer, Wedding Photography, Wedding Tips |2 Commnents

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If the shoe fits: wedding shoes

Your standing at the alter about to kiss and you practically trip in front of everyone. Your ready for the first dance but can’t get your shoes back on your sore feet. If these are things that worry you, maybe rethink your wedding shoes.

There is no wrong wedding shoe, just ones that might be more suitable for you and your wedding

The old norm wedding shoes are white heels maybe even ones with a pop of color that matches your wedding colors. Brides these days are straying away from the norm. Don’t just wear a part of shoes because they are pretty. Find shoes that match your style and that won’t break your feet… or budget!

I decided to go with extremely high heels. My husband is over a foot taller than me. Those heels didn’t last long as I never really wear heels. By the end of the night my feet hurt so bad I could barely walk the next day. I also got my heels dyed to the color I wanted, which may have transferred to my toes! I’m not against heels (they are beautiful) but don’t let your wedding day be the first time you wear a pair.

Pick shoes that compliment your style. Is your wedding country chic and you want to wear your favorite boots? Awesome do it! Have you never been a girly girl in heels but love converse? Great rock those converse, I’ve seen many a pair personalized shoes. It’s going to rain all day and you have the cutest pair of rain boots? Rock those boots girl. You are the type that rocks heels on the daily and you’ve been dying to wear a blinged out pair of heels then by all means buy them!

Decide on style, comfort and price before waking down the aisle. If you budgeted for it and want full diamond Louis Vuitton’s for your wedding I look forward to photographing them! Don’t be afraid to be you in all aspects of your wedding, especially with the shoes you have to wear.

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