Wedding Veils: What one works for you

Wedding Veils

Are you planning on wearing a veil at your wedding? There are so many different types of wedding veils to choose from. Simply deciding that you are going to wear one is just half the battle. Veils are beautiful. I love getting to photograph so many different types of veils on stunning brides.

The bird cage veil is a stunning option. These are typically called blushers. This beautiful classy veil isn’t for everyone. Are you wanting to show off your stunning wedding hair but still want a veil. Have you for a stunning headpiece that goes well with a bird cage veil? It’s a gorgeous headpiece for a wedding.

Simple wedding veils that are not very long are something that works for most brides. These are short and mid-length veils. You want a veil but don’t want it to be too much of a statement piece. These veils can be so beautiful and perfect for the dress you have chosen. You can also customize them to fit your day. Is your day fancy with bling everything? You can add gems to your veil to get that shimmer in every part of your wedding. Are you having a beautiful catholic wedding but don’t want a cathedral veil? Having lace on your veil can give you the look you are wanting. Don’t want a veil from a store but still want a headpiece. You can always make a beautiful simple veil yourself.

Looking for a long flowing statement piece? The cathedral veil can flow down longer than your train. You can do a long simple veil which makes for epic pictures. You can add lace and make it a very formal veil. Get creative and add a hood to a long flowing veil if that fits into your wedding style.

No matter what you do, do it for you. Don’t wear something because someone else told you to. Make it work for your wedding. You will look beautiful in whatever you decide.


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