Yosemite adventures: Travel series

By Kelly Loeffler | May 19, 2017 | Travel Series |5 Commnents

Yosemite Adventures

If you haven’t had the pleasure of going to Yosemite National Park I would highly recommend it. I have been to Yosemite a handful of times. I lived in Northern California for a little while and we frequented Yosemite. It is a beautiful and majestic place.

Our Yosemite adventures started small. We went in the fall and stayed at a hotel just outside the entrance. The park was packed. It is especially busy in the fall because the weather is beautiful for hiking. We started with a few scenic drives and the smaller hikes. Driving to glacier point is always a favorite and is accessible to anyone.

The next time we visited was in March.  It was already decently warm and green out. We came with my parents. This time we did a bit longer of a hike on the lesser known hetch hetchy trail. We stayed at one of the cabins in the valley, that campsite had since changed their name. Late winter isn’t as busy but some roads aren’t always open yet. The years I went were record low snowfall. The road to mariposa grove and glacier point were open in march. Some of these roads like Tioga road don’t open until June if the snow is heavy enough.

Mariposa grove is where the redwoods are. I was lucky enough to go to Yosemite while the train through the grove was still operational. It closed down shortly after our first visit. In fact, the entire grove closed for renovations right around our last visit. It still isn’t open yet.

Going in the middle of the summer can be a fun experience. It does get rather warm so be prepared to hike in the heat. Our summer trip was our most adventures. We started the morning out on a light hike to Mirror lake. Mirror lake turned into a field about halfway through the summer so it doesn’t aways look the way it’s pictured below. I loved this hike because it wasn’t very strenuous and the end result was stunning. After a quick lunch in the Valley, we drove up to glacier point in one of our cars. We then proceeded to hike the 8+ hike that is the mist trail. This was a brutal, strenuous hike but so worth it. It takes you past two stunning waterfalls, one of which you have to hike straight down the side. We ended in the valley around nightfall.

Our last trip was again in the fall. This was just a day trip. We had lunch in the valley with a view of El Capitan. We then hiked up the dome near glacier point. It was a relaxed day and a perfect way to say goodbye to this beautiful place until we meet again. I loved all our Yosemite adventures and I’d recommend this place to anyone. If you need advice on what hikes and places are the best during certain times of year I’d be happy to answer any of your questions.

walking down the mist trail View of half dome at night. starry night glacier point at night yosemite falls in the fall during the drought view of half dome from the valley View of half dome from glacier point El Captain: Yosemite