Minneapolis Dog Friendly venue and vendors: K Schulz Pet Portraits

Let’s face it nowadays if you have a dog before marriage chances are that dog is part of the family and you want your family to be part of your wedding right? Finding the right Dog friendly venue and vendors can be a challenge. You don’t just want them to have beautiful products and great customer service, you want them to love your fur babies as much as you do right?!!

Well you are in luck, Sunday March 3rd there will be a wedding fair specifically for you! Doggy Social will be putting on a dog friendly wedding fair at Graduate Hotel in Minneapolis. The best part is it’s pet friendly so bring those furry friends so they can get pampered right alongside you! You can get free tickets on Doggy Social’s website. Be one of the first 50 guests and you’ll get free valet parking and a sweet swag bag full of goodies from the vendors.

This event is being put on by Doggy Social MN whose partnering with Sidewalk dogs, Bubbly paws, Minnesota Bride and Graduate Minneapolis Hotel.

The Graduate Minneapolis hotel is a great wedding venue and its super dog friendly! They not only allow your dogs at your wedding and at in the hotel. They also have the most adorable dog blankets for your fur babies stay. As a photographer I love their beautiful wood floors and unique chairs, they make for great photos!

Megan from Corgi Racing Society helped put on this whole photoshoot at the hotel. Some of the amazing dog friendly vendors brought by their products to show off on our beautiful dog models. We had everything from flower crowns, cupcakes, dog food, collars, dresses, dog beds and even pearls! We had a great variety of amazing dogs that modeled for us. Thank you to their parents for taking time out of their busy afternoons to bring their pups by. I love meeting them all!

So if you want a dog friendly wedding this event is not to be missed. If you aren’t available to attend then definitely check out all these great vendors for your upcoming nuptials!

Scroll to the bottom for a list of participating vendors and models!

K Schulz Photography and K Schulz Pet portraits is a wedding and pet photographer out of the twin cities. Not getting married but want a photo session with your furry friend. Contact Kelly today!


Venue: The Graduate Minneapolis Hotel

Florals: Askley Skeie Wedding and Event Planning

Dog food: Pet Wants Minneapolis

Cupcakes: Amy’s Cupcake Shoppee

Dog beds: Corgi Racing Society

Bandanas: Peace Love Local

Collars by River Run Acreage as well as Pearls and Outfits by Miss Sophie Bowtique won’t be at the wedding fair but are great to check out.


Drottning EplaButtur- Icelandic Sheepdog

Princess Bubblebutt – Corgi

Piper- Wheaton Terrier

Hank and Harvey – Corgis

Calvin – Aussiedoodle

Pavel – Corgi

Wall-E- Corgi

Twinkie – Corgi

Frosty – White German Shepherd

Greta – King Charles Cavalier

Niko – Corgi

Hobbs – Great Dane Mix

Curtis – Great Dane

Lupin – Weimaraner

Mochi- Pomeranian

Tinka- French Bulldog

Owen – mix

Maddie and Sammie- Yorkie

Kona – Springer

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7 thoughts on “Minneapolis Dog Friendly venue and vendors: K Schulz Pet Portraits”

  1. jen

    I can’t even handle the cuteness of all these! As a cat lady, I am cracking up there are no cats in these photos-mine would personally kill me if I ever tried to make them come to my wedding lol! The doggy social you are doing at Graduate Hotel in Minneapolis sounds like so much fun!! I loved all these pictures and am looking forward to seeing the ones you get at the social. Great work!

  2. Oh my gosh! I need more of your pet photography in my life! I truly hope EVERYONE is now considering having their fur baby at their wedding… but it’s so true that finding dog friendly venues is so difficult. These wedding ready pups are just the cutest thing ever and it’s the best idea that the Graduate Hotel in Minneapolis is hosting this event to make sure they are included!

  3. What adorable little wedding pups! All of the dogs made such great models for your photo shoot. I’m glad it’s becoming more acceptable to incorporate pets in weddings. I feel like it used to be considered a terrible idea, but I’ve met more well behaved dogs than children lol!

  4. Amy

    ummmm, these are adorable!! These are really pet portraits and it definitely takes a skilled and fast photographer to get these great shots of pups. What a great idea to have an event tailored for pups at the Graduate Hotel in Minneapolis.

  5. Adrienne

    This made my day! I love all of the wedding pups and they are so fun to include on your special day! They are family, too!

  6. Alycia

    I absolutely love this! What a wonderful event to encourage more dog friendly weddings! Your images are beautiful and anyone in Minneapolis would be lucky to have you as their wedding photographer!

  7. Your pet portraits always make me smile! This is such a great resource for couple who want their fur babies. Whether it’s at a wedding, or just for happy memories, K Schultz is the twin city photographer for allllll the puppies!

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