About your photographer

The face and name behind K Schulz Photography

I’m a proud hot mess mama to 6 babies (2 cats, 2 dogs, 2 humans) We started our little family in 2016 when we got Leroy, our grey kitty. After that it snowballed and we welcomed, Ralph (black and white cat) and Rhett (red merle aussie) in 2017 and then Montgomery (aussie mix) and Fitzgerald (our son) in 2018. So my 5 boys dominated the household with their father until 2021 when my baby girl Siena came along. So I’m finally not completely outnumbered!


Rescue photography is a huge passion of mine. I want all the pets to find their right home and if I can help do that with the right photo then by all means bring me all the fur babies to photograph. I adore working with rescues and advocating for rescue pets. I’m always open to helping a fellow rescue by getting profile pictures of a pet that needs a little more attention. 


Exploring National Parks is a passion of mine, I love that we have so much natural beauty right here in the United States that is so vastly different. From Yosemite to Mammoth Caves to Crater Lake they are all so different and so mesmerizing and beautiful. My partner and I have been visiting as many as we can and hope to someday visit them all, now with our kids. I am at 31 now! The one wish I have would be that they were more pet friendly 

Fun facts about me

  • I love to drink Coke- it's my main caffeine intake (and no, Pepsi is NOT the same!)
  • To say I’m a fan of the TV show Friends is an understatement. I rewatch the series yearly, and can basically quote every episode.
  • Fall is my favorite season, not just because the colors are stunning, but I also love the clothes, temps, and activities (apple picking, pumpkin patches, pumpkin carving, hayrides) you name it! I love it all!
  • I love the outdoors, while I don’t get out as much as I’d like with the dogs and tiny humans, I still love hiking, kayaking and camping.
  • I’m a (not so closet) Pokemon nerd. I have all the first series cards stashed in a binder from when I was a kid.
  • I studied abroad in Italy for a semester and it was the best part of my college experience. I lived in downtown Florence.
  • In the summer I live in my backyard. I love to garden. I have a substantial veggie garden as well as flower gardens around the perimeter. All dog friendly of course!
  • I enjoy watching football in the fall. From high school to NFL I love going to games and enjoying the fall weather.
  • Fur babies are family, not just pets and no matter how many tiny humans I have I will continue believing that.
  • I’ve lived in 5 states. Born and raised in Illinois. A small stint of school in Iowa. After marriage we moved to Northern California, then to Tennessee and now we’ve put down roots in Minnesota.

more about me

I constantly get asked, why photography and why pets? 

Like many photographers out there I had a passion for photography before I became a professional photographer. I went to school for fine art and took pictures for my paintings, eventually something just clicked and I realized I enjoyed the photography part more than the paintings.

I started my photography journey right out of college photographing newborns and weddings. I started out in Illinois and my husband got a promotion to a plant in California. It was a fun and exciting move but it turned out to be very temporary. 

While in California I decided to volunteer my photography skills since I wasn’t working. I found a shelter to do cat photography and I fell in love. Fast forward a year and we moved to Tennessee. I wasn’t even there 2 weeks before I found a shelter to volunteer. I just missed all the fur babies too much.

I started getting asked if I would photograph people’s pets, and the answer was of course! During that time I adopted my first fur baby, my cat Leroy, and my pet photography business was born.