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May 26, 2023

Adventure Cat: Outdoor cat photography

Cats don't get nearly enough credit for their leash skills. A lot of cat photography is done at the cats home or in a studio but every so often I get to follow an adventure cat around for outdoor photos This is Ember a fun loving adventure cat that you can find on instagram at…
May 19, 2023

Why You Should Give Your Pet A Professional Photo Session

Why You Should Give Your Pet A Professional Photo Shoot If you're like most pet parents, your four-legged companion holds a special place in your heart. You know that they bring joy to your life and that you would do anything for them. Capturing these memories in professional photos is one way to ensure that…
May 4, 2023

Senior pet Bucket list, 10 activities to do with your aging pet

Bucket lists can be a really fun and engaging way to enjoy your time together, create more memories and preserve them. But here’s the key - the senior pet bucket list for an aging pet should improve both your and their quality of life. Typically bucket lists are filled with adventure and travel things like…
April 18, 2023

Tips for picking Eco Friendly Pet businesses

If you’re anything like me, you agree it’s important to take care of this big beautiful planet of ours and protect it anyway we can. I know becoming a mom made me extra conscious of the world I'll be leaving behind for my children but also just for our near future. I'm always interested in…
April 11, 2023

What are the best dog tricks for photos

Have you ever wondered what the best dog tricks for photos would be. Heres a comprehensive list from a pet photographer whose been doing this for awhile! please know your dog doesn't need to have any tricks learned to still have a successful photo session, The more they know the smoother it can be and…
April 6, 2023

11 Spring Activities with your dog

Your dog is probably just as tired of being cooped up all winter as you are. Now that spring is here, it’s time to enjoy the warmer, sunny days! Here are some outdoor activities that are bound to put a little spring in their paws. Remember – this is all about fun, so make sure…
March 28, 2023

Dog Maternity photos: Underdog rescue Minnesota

Do you need some dog maternity photos in your life? I know I did! Foster poodle Bee with Underdog rescue had her day in the sun during her dog maternity photos Who says humans are the only ones who get to bask in the glow of being an expecting mama? Bee was surrendered by a…
March 14, 2023

Pet Styles That Bring on the Funk 

If you have a creative flare and a super-patient pet, you might want to try something extra funky next time you both head to the groomer.  1.  A mohawk. If your pet is due for a super-short “do” why not add a little fun with a mohawk? It doesn’t need to be extra tall or…