Commercial Pet Photography

with K Schulz Photography

At K Schulz Photography, we believe that every brand has a story to tell – and stunning photography is a highly effective and strategic way to share your story.

We are focused on delivering beautiful visual experiences that capture the goals of your company in a way that feels true to your vision (and magnetic to pet parents everywhere!). Whether you focus on providing our furry friends with treats, toys, leashes, professional pet-based services, veterinary skills, or more…highly intentional and thoughtfully captured photography is sure to make your brand stand out from the crowd.

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Why K Schulz Photography?

  • Tailored Commercial Solutions:

    Whether you're a budding pet product company, a local standby, or an e-commerce giant, we tailor our photography packages to meet your brand’s needs. Our goal is to partner with you to create custom visuals that are rooted in your identity, backed by strategy, and infused with a clear purpose.

  • Everyday Furry Friends:

    We specialize in photographing the “pet next door” – and we even provide the models! No frills, just genuine moments that showcase the natural connection between pets and your brand.

  • Professional Experience:

    With almost 10 years of experience in pet photography, we bring a seasoned eye to every session. We understand the intricacies of working with animals, from handling different personalities to capturing the perfect moment.

  • Embracing the Seasons:

    Being a pet parent means everything from winter dog walks in the cold to a cat curling up in the window on a summer day. We love every season, harnessing diverse landscapes and ever-changing weather to create imagery as versatile and dynamic as your client base.

  • Love for pets:

    A love for animals is what drives every decision we make in our business, and we’re sure it does for you, too. It’s so much easier to deliver photography you’ll adore when it’s created with you and your love for pets in mind.

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    Capturing Excellence in Commercial Pet Photography for Brands You Trust

    • Dog Brand Photography: Murphys Bakery

      Dog Brand Photography with Murphys Bakery In Minnesota we are lucky to a local business called Murphys Bakery, a local gem known for crafting homemade, delectable treats for our four-legged friends. As the demand for their paw-licking goodies grew, so did the need for quality photos to showcase their products on their website and social…

    • Photography with Dog Models: Tail Chaser Dog Brew

      Using dog models to elevate your brand Inside the Project:  Brought to life by the creative minds at Craft and Crew, Tail Chaser Dog Brew is a bone broth in a can, delivering a plethora of health benefits for our beloved furry companions. With advantages ranging from promoting healthy digestion to boosting immunity, this product…

    • Dog Product Photography: Project Hive Pet Company

      Dog Product photography utilizing dog models Inside the Project: Project Hive Pet Company is a buzzing haven for dog treats, chews, enrichment toys, and more, all inspired by the mesmerizing world of bees and honeycombs. Recently, the hive introduced new additions to its lineup, sparking the need for a captivating photoshoot to showcase these delectable…

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    How do I book?

    Use my contact form or email me at [email protected] to discuss your needs and create a custom package for your business.

    Do you indoor or outdoor? And do you have a studio?

    K Schulz Photography is highly experienced in both indoor and outdoor pet photography, however we do specifically specialize in outdoor photos that highlight the natural environments and weather. Any indoor photography will be done at a rented studio or model home chosen specifically for the look you are going for. Simple backdrop photos will be done in my small, in-home studio.

    Where are you based and do you travel?

    We are based in Bloomington MN and do photos within a 30 mile radius for no extra cost. Anywhere outside of the 30 mile radius will require travel expenses and can be discussed in your consultation call.

    Do you just do product photography?

    We photograph business branding and services pet photography as well as product pet photography. Think everything from veterinarian, grooming, training, etc services to leashes, toys, treats, food, beds, and more.

    Do I need to be present or can I send products?

    It’s up to you! You certainly can be part of the photography process during the session, but you can also mail your products and have them photographed without your presence.

    What is your turnaround time?

    Standard turnaround time has images up for review within 2 weeks of your session. If given written notice, this can be expedited by request.

    Exclusivity and copyright

    Exclusive rights and/or copyright is not included in the basic packages but can be requested for an additional fee.

    Do I pay extra for models?

    Each package comes with a certain number of models. Any additional models or specific professional model requests will require additional compensation.

    Who supplies the models?

    K Schulz Photography has an extensive model list so we can supply any modeling needs you may have! However, if preferred we are happy to use models that have been chosen by your business.

    What People Say

    Jack and the Pack

    Loved working with Kelly! Highly progressional, and very down to earth. She set up an area in my storefront for a holiday photoshoot, and her clients were excited to work with her. Very patient and positive while working with dogs!

    Murphys Dog Bakery

    We had an excellent experience with K Schulz photography. Kelly did all of the photos for the Murphy’s Bakery website and marketing materials, including photos of the dog models and all products. Kelly is professional, responsive, creative and her photographs are beautiful. She is passionate and did an amazing job keeping the dogs focused and engaged during the photo shoot!

    Project Hive Pet Company

    Kelly did a wonderful job taking pictures! I plan to use her for upcoming product launches.
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