Dog Brand Photography: Murphys Bakery

By Kelly Loeffler | February 21, 2024 | Commercial Pet Photography, Commercial Photography, Dog friendly, Pet Photography


Dog Brand Photography with Murphys Bakery

In Minnesota we are lucky to a local business called Murphys Bakery, a local gem known for crafting homemade, delectable treats for our four-legged friends. As the demand for their paw-licking goodies grew, so did the need for quality photos to showcase their products on their website and social media platforms. 

The Project:

Murphys Bakery reached out for a collaboration, seeking captivating images that would not only spotlight their handmade treats but also feature the essence of the brand with some adorable canine companions. 

The Strategy:

To bring Murphys Bakery to life visually, the strategy involved a multi-faceted approach. The goal was to capture the treats on their own, showcase them with various dog models, and also highlight individual dogs, including the company’s namesake, Murphy.

To kick off the project, a delightful array of Murphys Bakery treats was sent for an indoor photoshoot. This allowed for a detailed exploration of the products’ textures, colors, and overall appeal. 

The project then transitioned to a local park, where the treats met their match with a group of charming dog models. The session, lasting about 90 minutes, featured a mix of outdoor scenes. The playful interaction between the dogs and the treats was skillfully captured, adding an extra layer of charm to the visual narrative.

A key element in the success of this project was the use of unique dog models. In addition to featuring Murphys Bakery treats, the photoshoot showcased a variety of dogs, each bringing their own personality and charm to the table. Murphy, the golden retriever and namesake of the brand, took center stage, becoming the face of Murphys Bakery.


The end result was a captivating gallery of images that perfectly encapsulated the spirit of Murphys Bakery. The diverse range of photos, featuring products alone, with various dog models, and Murphy himself, provided the company with a versatile collection to use across their website and social media channels.

Since incorporating these images into their online presence, Murphys Bakery has seen increased engagement and positive feedback from their audience. The genuine connection between the treats, the dogs, and the brand has resonated with customers, creating a visual story that goes beyond a simple product showcase.

In the world of dog brand photography, the collaboration with Murphys Bakery was a joyful journey filled with wagging tails and tasty treats. By strategically blending indoor and outdoor settings, incorporating a mix of dog models, and featuring the beloved Murphy, we crafted a visual tale that not only met but exceeded the expectations of this local homemade treat company. Check out the delightful results at and let the adorable images speak for themselves!

“We had an excellent experience with K Schulz photography. Kelly did all of the photos for the Murphy’s Bakery website and marketing materials, including photos of the dog models and all products. Kelly is professional, responsive, creative and her photographs are beautiful. She is passionate and did an amazing job keeping the dogs focused and engaged during the photo shoot!”