Photography with Dog Models: Tail Chaser Dog Brew

By Kelly Loeffler | February 21, 2024 | Minnesota


Using dog models to elevate your brand

Inside the Project: 

Brought to life by the creative minds at Craft and Crew, Tail Chaser Dog Brew is a bone broth in a can, delivering a plethora of health benefits for our beloved furry companions. With advantages ranging from promoting healthy digestion to boosting immunity, this product was on the brink of launching a brand new company and needed a visual narrative to match. As the anticipation bubbled, the quest began to capture the essence of Tail Chaser Dog Brew for their website and launch.

The Strategy: 

Choosing the Craft and Crew location, Dukes, as our backdrop, we embarked on a mission to showcase the joy of sharing a drink and a meal with our four-legged friends. The setting perfectly complemented the idea of Tail Chaser Dog Brew as not just a pet product but a delightful experience for both owners and their dogs. Utilizing the diverse atmosphere, we enlisted three models, each bringing a unique look and set of abilities to the table. The models included two dog models I brought along, and, in a heartwarming twist, the owners wanted to include their own doodle in the mix. This thoughtful strategy aimed to capture a variety of images that would resonate with Tail Chaser’s diverse dog loving audience.

The Results: 

The culmination of this collaborative effort yielded a gallery bursting with life – candid and posed moments of all three dogs joyfully interacting with Tail Chaser Dog Brew. The Craft and Crew location provided a dynamic range of backdrops, adding depth and vibrancy to the visual narrative. These captivating images found their home on Tail Chaser’s website, danced across their social media platforms, and even took center stage on a promotional billboard. The results speak volumes, creating a visual symphony that not only showcases the product but also paints a vivid picture of the joyous bond between pets and their owners. Step into the world of Tail Chaser Dog Brew at , where every sip is a celebration.

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