Adventure Cat: Outdoor cat photography

By Kelly Loeffler | May 26, 2023 | Minnesota, Pet Photography

adventure cat leashed and wearing a harness

Cats don’t get nearly enough credit for their leash skills.

A lot of cat photography is done at the cats home or in a studio but every so often I get to follow an adventure cat around for outdoor photos

This is Ember a fun loving adventure cat that you can find on instagram at Mr Mcfloofypants

We went to a park local to Ember and let him lead us around. He’s no stranger to his backpack. it was dark and a bit of a storm was coming it but that didnt faze this adventure cat!

Embers dark fur around his eyes mad for very striking images, especially with his great eye contact.

Having a wagon or backpack for your cat to travel in at your session is always a great idea. Sometimes even when on a harness or leash cats dont really want to go in the direction of the humans. Which is normal, sometimes when we want to head to another location it’s easiest to pack them up and carry them there. Many cants don’t want to be held in your arms so know what the best mode of transportation is very key.

Having a few treats or toys for attention is great. Every cat is different so I follow the cat parents lead on knowing what their act enjoys most. Are they a catnip fiend, a ribbon lover, a snack monster. You know your cat best and can give insight into what keeps them purring

We can definitely get beautiful posed photos of cats outdoors but I also love getting plenty of natural documentary style images of your adventure cat just loving life outdoors.

Do you have an adventure cat that loves to be outside? I’d love see