Dog Product Photography: Project Hive Pet Company

By Kelly Loeffler | February 21, 2024 | Commercial Pet Photography, Commercial Photography, Minnesota


Dog Product photography utilizing dog models

Inside the Project:

Project Hive Pet Company is a buzzing haven for dog treats, chews, enrichment toys, and more, all inspired by the mesmerizing world of bees and honeycombs. Recently, the hive introduced new additions to its lineup, sparking the need for a captivating photoshoot to showcase these delectable creations. With a commitment to capturing the essence of their products, the mission was set in motion. They are also known for helping in bee conservation.

The Strategy:

Our strategy for Project Hive Pet Company centered around highlighting their innovative new products, particularly the enticing squeezeable peanut butter. To ensure a diverse visual appeal, we enlisted the help of various dog models, each representing different breeds and sizes. Action was the keyword – we aimed to freeze moments of pure joy as dogs indulged in the delightful treats. The photoshoot extended beyond the new arrivals, incorporating other Project Hive Pet products to create a holistic representation of the brand. The process involved a model call, followed by a delightful rendezvous with each dog at a local park to capture their individual charm with the array of pet products.

The Results:

The culmination of this project yielded a gallery bursting with life, featuring three distinct dog models immersed in the joy of Project Hive Pet Company’s offerings. From playful chews to luscious peanut butter licks, the images encapsulated the sheer bliss experienced by our four-legged friends. This vibrant collection now empowers Project Hive Pet Company to shine a spotlight on their products through captivating visuals on both their website and social media platforms, creating a lasting impact that resonates with their audience. Step into the world of sweetness and joy at

“Kelly did a wonderful job taking pictures!  I plan to use her for upcoming product launches.”