Dog Friendly Ice Palace in Minnesota

By Kelly Loeffler | March 2, 2023 | Dog friendly, Minnesota


Living in the frozen tundra of Minnesota in the winter time has its perks. There are several ways to embrace the cold and snow. From ice castles to ice mazes, as long as you know how to bundle up there’s so much to enjoy. Its even better when you can enjoy things with your furry friends, like a dog friendly Ice Palace

Although these fun icy attractions have a limited window of open dates to weather, they are a must see up here in Minnesota

The Ice Palace in Delano at the Fountain Hill Winery was new this year of 2022-23. They caught my attention because unlike many other ice and snow places they are DOG FRIENDLY! Yes you can bring your furry friend with you to enjoying this magical winter wonderland. Some places have a dog friendly day or two but Ice Palace at Fountain Hill Winery is dog friendly every day they are open

Remember before you go make sure you have a dog that will be ok with their guidelines and will actually enjoy the experience. You can check out their website for their pet policy and other details but just in case I posted them below. remember the more we respect pet friendly businesses guidelines, the more likely we are to have places stay pet friendly!

“Dogs Only. No other pets will be allowed on Ice Palace grounds. Dogs must be well-trained and on a leash at all times. Dog leashes cannot exceed 4 feet. Owners must clean up after their dogs. Please do not allow dogs to urinate within the immediate Ice Palace or Courtyard grounds. Only one dog per owner will be allowed. Please keep in mind that on most nights, the Ice Palace will have large crowds, music, and lots of little children. If your dog is not suitably trained to be around these situations, please leave them home. We require dogs be removed from the premises immediately if we detect any behavior that we deem aggressive including but not limited to barking, lunging, and growling.”

These pups below came with their parents all the way out to Delano in January during the tail end of a a snow storm! But it was so worth it! The lights, tunnels fireshows and pizza are all things you can enjoy at the Ice Palace