Dog Photography: The next adventure

By Kelly Loeffler | February 1, 2019 | Minnesota, Pet Photography


Saying goodbye to your furry family member:

The next adventure photo session

In their short life you fall madly in love with your furry friend. They go from friend to family member in an instant. If you’ve ever had the love of a fur baby you understand. You might also know the sorrow of losing a loved one. It’s a feeling I wish on no one. I strive to make sure everyone has beautiful moments with them captured. These moments will last forever in photos. You can look back on those happy moments long after they have passed over the rainbow bridge. The next adventure session is the perfect session for senior dogs, dogs with medical problems or dogs that have been given little time to live. Their lives are so short so let’s make sure we have photos of them to keep forever and always.

I don’t want you to wait to get priceless images of your babies but if it comes down to it everyone should have those images.

the next adventure sessions don’t need to be sad, if your pup is still a little active and happy to go somewhere we can definitely do that. It’s more of a celebration of life, then a sorrowful session.

This boy was terminally ill so his parents were all about spoiling him his last weeks on earth. He was still so happy and ready to play. He loved his high fives. It was such a pleasure meeting him before they had to say their goodbyes.

If I had my wish no one would have to say goodbye to their furry family members, but life it’s fair in that sense. For that reason I’ll always be available for end of life photos. Please don’t hesitate to inquire if this is something you are going through. My deepest sympathies to anyone who has already had to live through saying goodbyes.