Weddings and Dogs: best ways to involve them

By Kelly Loeffler | April 24, 2020 | LGBTQ friendly, Minnesota, Pet Photography


Best Dog, Dog of honor, Flower Girl, Ring Doger

Giving you dog a proper title as a member of your wedding party is always a fun idea. If your dog feeds on attention and loves the spotlight this is a perfect role for them. Make sure the venue is dog friendly wherever your ceremony is being held. Pair your dog up with a trusted fried or family member that loves them and that your dog is comfortable with.

Honored guest

They don’t need to have an official role to attend your wedding. Maybe you just want your furry best friend to hang out and enjoy your wedding as a guest. Maybe you secretly just want puppy snuggle breaks throughout the night, whatever your reasoning may be, we don’t judge! Perfect for a dog who is fine in large crowds, if your dog is already your brewery buddy and can chill around food and drinks and commotion than they’d probably thrive as a wedding guest, perfect for dogs who might not be trained well in having a specific job to do but are all to happy to just chill! If you don’t want to give the responsibility of watching your dog to any one specific wedding guest, consider hiring a pet attendant.

Just for photos

This is a super popular option. you still get to see your dogs on your wedding day, you still to have memories with them captured that will last a lifetime. Maybe your dog is the greatest in crowds, or the venue doesn’t allow dogs indoors. A break for puppy photos is a great option for many out there. You can carve out some time for just the two of you and your fur baby(s) and your photographer. Make sure someone is in charge of your dog from start to finish, bringing them to the photo location, wrangling them and taking them home. If your dog already has a dog walker or doggy daycare attendant that might be the best option otherwise a pet attendant. Try to avoid giving this job to a wedding guest as then they are stuck having to leave your wedding multiple times.

Engagement Pictures

Worried your dog might dirty your dress? Maybe your venue isn’t dog friendly or its located a ways away from your home. Maybe your dog isn’t big on crowds or places they aren’t used to. If any of those are the case then involving them in your engagement pictures is still a great way to have lasting memories with them. Some dogs are too anxious or rambunctious to handle the wedding festivities so picking a quiet would be the perfect way to involve them.

Save the dates, Invitations and signs

I personally love these. Even if your dogs in your wedding you can still do this! Use your engagement pictures with your dog as your save the date. Announce your engagement with a photo of your dog and a cute sign. Have a drawing of your dog on your invitations. Have a sign at your wedding saying their Pawrents are getting married. The possibilities are endless

Cake and other decor

Have fun with it. add your dog to your cake topper. Make a cupcake specifically for your dog!

Gifts to the guests’ dogs

Such a cute way to celebrate those dog loving guests of yours. Instead of Hershey’s kisses wrapped up in a pretty bag use dog treats and have a sign, from our dog to yours!

Don’t forget all the fun accesories you can get for your dogs too! Thats a whole other blog in itself. Also stay tuned for tips on tips for setting them up for success on your wedding day and during your engagement session.

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