Pet Styles That Bring on the Funk 

By Kelly Loeffler | March 14, 2023 | Dog friendly, Minnesota


If you have a creative flare and a super-patient pet, you might want to try something extra funky next time you both head to the groomer. 

1.  A mohawk. If your pet is due for a super-short “do” why not add a little fun with a mohawk? It doesn’t need to be extra tall or distracting to your pet. An inch-high racing stripe can add a bit of flair to the hair!

2. Nail polish or nail caps. Bond with your dog with a matching polish color or choose colored nail caps for your cat. But if your pet hates having their paws handled, don’t add to their nail-trim stress by insisting on a fancy pedicure. Stick to a colorful hair-ribbon or bright new collar. 

3. Beards. Have some fun with facial hair. Add a little sophistication by keeping a bit of a beard at your dog’s next grooming session. 

4. Fun hair dye. Yellow. Red. Blue. Purple. Pink. Experienced groomers can safely dye your pet’s hair with a rainbow of colors. BUT, check your region’s humane laws and understand the controversy here. Many people don’t consider fur dye humane or respectful to your pet – and in a few places it’s even illegal! Make sure to understand the issue before trying this on your pet.

5. Braids. Long-haired breeds have locks that just beg for a braid. Experiment with the location and type of braid to create a totally unique look. Be careful not to braid the fur tightly against the skin where the pulling could irritate your pet. Your groomer can show you how to braid safely and comfortably.

6. Interesting shaving designs. Corgi butts are already cute, but a raised heart on their rump is extra sweet. Ask your groomer if they have safe and stress-free suggestions for a unique clip.

7. Accessories. Scarves, bows, bandanas, and blinged-out collars can complete a fun look for your pet if they don’t mind sporting a little extra cloth! 

Not every dog or cat enjoys the extra grooming time for a funkified look. Never force your pet to wear accessories or spend additional minutes on the grooming table if it stresses them out. While a fashion-forward canine or cat can draw appreciative comments and add a splash of fun to your life, there’s nothing more beautiful than your pet, au naturel!