Senior pet Bucket list, 10 activities to do with your aging pet

By Kelly Loeffler | May 4, 2023 | Dog friendly, Minnesota, Pet Photography, Pet Photography Tips


Bucket lists can be a really fun and engaging way to enjoy your time together, create more memories and preserve them. But here’s the key – the senior pet bucket list for an aging pet should improve both your and their quality of life.

Typically bucket lists are filled with adventure and travel things like mine has a safari in Africa at the top! And while some people might do these things with their pet, (maybe not the safari!) they can be too much for an aging pet. 

When making your bucket list or picking things off your list, consider: 

  • Mobility: your once spry dog might not have the ability to hike 5 miles anymore, is a stroller an option?
  • Temperament: Some pets get a bit grumpier outside of their comfort zone as they age. If they dont like being around big crowds in their older age consider that while making your list
  • Overall health: remember to always be aware of their health and if they are showing signs of stress
  • If they’re having a good day or a bad day: just like humans, pets can have good or bad days, Is this a bones or no bones day for them?

The bucket list is ways to add a little fun and excitement to their quality of life and to share special moments together as they age. Let your pet guide you on what they can and cannot do! 

Without further ado, here are 10 activities to try with your senior pet. Remember not everyones list will look the same based on your pets needs

1. A Pet Photography Session.

I obviously have to highlight this one first! I truly believe a photography session should be on every senior pet bucket list Senior sessions and end of life sessions are something most pet photographers offer and might even have a special package for just that. I wish I had professional photographs of my cat and I from when I was growing up and cant go back and change that. A photography session at this age for your pet doesn’t have to be stressful. It can be an in home session that is more documentary than posed. Have your photography capture you and your pet doing something fun that youd do even if they weren’t there to document

2. A Bougie Feast.

A paw-licking feast is a great way to show your pet love. Be sure to consider your pets health here and consult a medical professional before feeding anything new, but a special meal, especially photographed, can be a great memory-builder. I know I’ve seen cakes and burgers at many senior sessions as a fun way of spoiling your pet

Just be sure – Check in with your vet if you’re in doubt!!

3. Go for a Weekend at a Fancy Pet-Friendly Hotel or Airbnb.

Enjoying a drink on the veranda or getting a human massage, and then giving your senior pet one—you two can spend a luxurious weekend sharing special moments. There are many great airbnbs and cabins up north that are only a few hours of travel for a secluded location to enjoy with your pet. Many dog accounts share about them on instagram. You can check out Lost with Buzz or Bert and Ernies accounts for great travel info

4. Spend a Day Letting Them be the Boss.

Can you give your pet total control for the day? Pick a special day and let them do what they want. do they want to spend 45 minutes sniffing on a 1 block walk, or prefer to sit on your chest on the couch. Let them make all the decisions (within reason) for the day

5. Camp Out for A Cuddle Fest in The Living Room.

Move a mattress downstairs or wherever is comfy for them and chill out. You could watch movies, cuddle all day and of course give lots of pets, and maybe treats too!

6. Throw a Party.

If your pet can tolerate it, invite their human and animal friends over for a get-together. A small gathering of fellow four legged friends, playing, eating snacks, taking pictures can be lots of fun for the right pet

7. Watch the Sunrise or Sunset Together.

At the beach, from the countryside, from your car, or anywhere else with a clear view should work. Just stopping to take in the beauty of nature with your pet. Slowing down to sit and watch with them

8. Put a Camera on Your Pet’s Collar and See Life from Their POV.

Cameras like GoPros can capture your pet’s world in a way you have never seen. If your pet tolerates it, put a camera on them and let them record their day-to-day life. and then definitely share it because I want to see!

9. Life is Sweet. Dessert Makes It Sweeter.

Have dessert together…just because. Try a pupsicle or catsicle, ice cream or other baked goodies. Amy’s cupcake shoppe has pet friendly snacks, and human ones that you could indulge in as well.

10. Pawprints, Stepping Stones or Other Artwork.

Get a custom portrait of your pet. Or create a painting from gray duck art. Use their paw print to create a piece of art to cherish after they leave.

What else should be on the senior pet bucket list? Let me know!