Sunrise Snowstorm session

By Kelly Loeffler | March 8, 2022 | Minnesota, Pet Photography


Sunrise Session in st paul

Have you ever woken up after a snowstorm to see an epic sunrise on the fresh fallen snow. It’s perfect time for adventure photos. What could be more stunning than a beautiful sunrise after a fresh snowstorm? Adding an amazing dog of course!

Buzz and his mom were up for an adventure in the wee hours of the morning at Crosby Farm Regional Park in St Paul. The day before we had a decent amount of snowfall into the night, which meant at 6am the snow at the park was untouched.

Both the fresh snow and the warm sunrise sky really showed up for this photo session. But Buzz still remained the start with his fun personality and rockstar modeling. He also has a mom who will do anything for him and their amazing bond shines through in all their photos.

This duo can make any setting look amazing with their relationship but having an amazing location and timing just made this whole session perfect.

I’m not a morning personal but I think I can be persuaded by sunrise sessions like this. Are you the type of person who would get up before the sun to get pictures like this?

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