Unveiling Rescued Moments: A 2023 Recap in Rescue Photography

By Kelly Loeffler | January 3, 2024 | Dog friendly, Minnesota, Pet Photography

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2023 I saw a few less rescue pets. I didnt do many litters, events or transports. I stuck to mostly one on one photos of pets who were shut down at transport and got bad photos. As well as dogs that need some social media love and boosts that have been in rescue for longer than they should. This meant that I did less rescue photography quantity but i was able to get faulty photos of the pets and specifically dogs that really needed some extra attention

You might notice a theme of the dogs that needed more attention to get adopted. Not all dogs get the same attention, and yes behavior and lifestyle play a big part in getting a forever home, but when people pick soully due to a photograph its often due to appearance and breed

Black dogs have the hardest time getting adopted. Medium to large bully looking dogs have a harder time as well. A black bully breed definitely has an upward battle no matter what their personality is

Ive had the pleasure of working with several rescues and fosters to capture the unwise personalities and appearances of 81 fosters this year. Aside from one on one photos of foster in my backyard I also partnered with other photographers and businesses to help rescues. I had the pleasure of photographing a pregnant mama dog through underdog rescue and then photographed her newborn puppies and then again those same puppies at 7 weeks for their adoption profiles.

I worked with KME photography and Scrufflife photography at Tonkadale greenhouse where we photographed foster pets from over 10 different rescues. I also worked with KME photography at Chuck and Dons in edina to capture several pocket pet photos for their adoption profiles. I partnered with Rescue network and crazy legs pumpkins to do a fundraiser where all session proceeds went to rescue

Overall it was another great year working with rescues. If my rescue photography can help in any way then im happy to contribute!

Did you adopt a rescue pet this year?