What to ask your ideal pet photographer

By Kelly Loeffler | August 8, 2023 | Pet Photography, Pet Photography Tips


I know you want the absolute best for your pet. From finding a great vet to the perfect photographer to investing in pet products from companies whose business practices resonate with you. Where you spend your money matters. You want the best for your budget and also to do business with someone whose values align with your own. 

It helps to know what to ask your ideal pet photographer once you’ve found one you like. If you havent found someone yet check our my previous blog on what to look for in your photographer

If you don’t think you’ll vibe with your photographer then your session might not go as smoothly or be as fun. We want to capture your(or your pets) beauty and personality so being comfortable with your photographer is a huge deal.

So if you’ve recently found someone you think would be the perfect pet photographer, here’s a list of questions to ask before hiring them. Of course, you can always ask ME these questions as well!

Do they work in a studio or on location?

picking a photographer that specializes in one or the other might be important for you if you have a specific location in mind. If you have a skittish dog or cat and you don’t want to use your home for photos a studio might be the ideal location for them.

Do they consider themselves calm and patient?

You can ask this to them directly but the better way to learn about someones patiences is from past clients. You can reach out to someone who has used them personally or see what others say in reviews.

How have they handled an energetic, stressed out, reactive dog? 

Do they treat every pet the same or can they change their approach based on the needs of the pet. A stressed out dog might need a softer slower approach than a hyper dog. A reactive dog might need a different location than a social dog. Make sure to advocate for your fur babies so they enjoy the session as much as youll enjoy the photos created.

Can they work on-leash if need be (and perhaps edit the leash out)?

This is an important one. there are off-leash locations that are great but many if not most local parks and locations will require leashes and you should never feel bad about keeping your pup on a leash for piece or mind or safety.

What packages and types of photos do they offer – print, digital, etc.?

Does their session include anything? Do they typically sell prints or digitals. Make sure you know ahead of time what is included and whats typical so you aren’t shocked by anything after the fact. Upselling after the session is totally normal for businesses but should never be a surprise.

Do they understand pet body language for this specific species?

Know in advance how much expertise they have on a specific species. If you have a unique pet your photographer may not have photographed before they should be honest. If you are ok with being their first encounter it’s ideal to give them some tips on what to expect from your pets unique behaviors. If you aren’t comfortable being their first encounter then research a photographer who is more comfortable with your specific pet

Have they ever dealt with a pet with your special circumstance (age, ability, medical condition, fear, anxiety, etc.)?

Have they photographed a pet in a wheelchair? have they dealt with a dog who’s terrified of men? Can they work around a pet whose anxiety is crippling? If youre pet has a special circumstance, make sure to bring it up before the session so you know they’ll be prepared

Are they comfortable with incorporating humans into photos

If you want to be in photos with your fur babies youll want to find a photographer who also knows how to work with humans. Make sure both the pets and their people look comfortable and natural in the photos they post

Picking the perfect professional for your pet can be daunting. But much like a trainer or veterinarian if you find the right one that you love you can keep using them for the foreseeable future.